Live broadcast from GACKT’s residence somewhere overseas

On the live broadcast of GACKT’s channel 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!! Channel VOL.3」, Yamada Hisashi ‘assault guest appearance’ has been decided!
On 9/26, the real broadcast will start from 20:00 but, for users that can’t wait, from around 19:20, Yamada Hisashi will also hold a backstage commentary broadcast on his Yama-channel .
On the appointed day, the same schedule will be followed on NicoRadio too at the same time! We will also be collecting questions for GACKT in the Comment section.
Moreover, it has been decided that at some point of the broadcast on NicoRadio, GACKT himself will appear as a guest.
What will he talk about during the broadcast?
Don’t miss the special video from his home overseas!
*The broadcast frame, in order to allow lines check and such, will start from 18:00, but Yamada Hisashi appearance is scheduled to start from 19:30.
Notice that the guests appearance time and the ending time of the programme has not been decided yet.
Please give it a look.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA