The 3rd 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」broadcast has been decided!

GACKT’s Niconico channel, that GACKT has been delivering as Editor, has been renewed!
And it has further powered-up into a video program!!

The 3rd one will be broadcasted live from GACKT’s overseas house.
60 minutes of GACKT responding to emails from everyone!

Please send your questions and discussions to GACKT through the address below.

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– Name (or nickname)
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This time Yamada Hisashi will appear as a special guest!
Stay tuned!


Yamada Hisashi-san

▼ Broadcast schedule
26 Sep (Mon) 20:00-21:00 Live broadcast

*This program can only be watched by members of GACKT’s Blomaga.
*Depending on the effects of internet conditions of the overseas broadcast, the schedule might be changed.
*The timing of the program broadcast might possibly change from the 60 minutes.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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