Luxurious Monthly Subscription Website CLUB GACKT Opens!

With dealer GACKT’s casino 「CLUB GACKT」as the main content, the site is filled with original content, including a once-a-day roulette, stamp images that can be used in SNS and more!


SKIYAKI Co. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Miyase Takuya, subsequently referred to as 「SKIYAKI」), which deals in planning, production, and management of fansites and fanclubs for artistes and creators, has released GACKT’s (Gakuto) monthly subscription website 「CLUB GACKT」 (URL: on September 1 (Thu) 2016.

Luxurious monthly subscription website 「CLUB GACKT」 opens!

From 1999 when he has started solo activities until now, GACKT has released 46 CD singles and 19 albums. Without a doubt he is a capable artiste who has kept his no. 1 spot as the male solo artistes with the most top 10 singles, but with his mission of 『encouraging people』 in mind, his ability to take action and humanity, shown through performing at graduation ceremonies and charitable activities, have become another one of his strong charms. GACKT, who refers to himself as an “expressionist”, is an individualistic artiste who exhibits a versatility which defies the boundaries of a musician.

Thus far, he has set a winning-streak record of 39 on TV Asahi’s 「Geinoujin Kakudzuke CHECK」, published his own muscle training lessons 「Muscle Up」 on his own Instagram, and also uploaded funny videos which make people laugh, among many other things. Even to this day, he continues to attract lots of fans, as his activities spread on daily TV and social media, becoming conversation topics as well.

This time’s reopening is GACKT’s monthly subscription website 「CLUB GACKT」. The website provides priority bookings for lives, video- and image-based web contents for browsing, registration for gift campaigns, and other special privileges that can only be enjoyed here. For more details on 「CLUB GACKT」, please refer to the below.

▼ GACKT Monthly Subscription Website 「CLUB GACKT」

【 GACKT Monthly Subscription Website Details】

■ Site name


■ Membership fees
400 yen per month (without tax)
※Payment can be done through DoCoMo Mobile Payment, au WALLET, Softbank Matome Shiharai, and credit card settlement.

■ Members-only web contents
※Includes irregularly updated contents.
GAME: Get points and challenge dealer GACKT at the last stage!
WALLPAPER: Download wallpapers that can only be found here!
MOVIE: Watch special movies that can only be found on this site!
WEATHER: GACKT or “Gakucchi” will tell you the current weather conditions!
STAFF BLOG: The Staff brings to you GACKT behind-the-scenes!
STAMP: Delivery of “Gakucchi” stamp images for use on SNS!
MAIL MAGAZINE: Delivery of members-only mail magazines!
BIRTHDAY MAIL: GACKT will send you a birthday mail on your birthday!

■ Members-only services
PRESENT: Accumulate points to get rare items! (irregular basis)
TICKET: Priority early bookings of tickets for paying members only! (irregular basis)
Digital membership card: Your membership card design changes based on the number of points you have!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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