Opening of the OFFICIAL MONTHLY SITE『CLUB GACKT』determinated

The opening of the monthly PC ・ Smartphone Community official site 「CLUB GACKT」has been decided for september 1st (Thu).
Original games, exclusive wallpapers, stickers and a lot of contents only for members!

It’s required the advance registration to the e-zine, only in case of the payment for the membership registration to the 「CLUB GACKT」 you will get the limited wallpaper!!
We will send the e-zine’s Download URL via e-mail at the moment of the site’s opening,
after the payment of the membership registration, you will be able to download from there.

◼Advance e-mail e-zine registration form

※ E-zine’s e-mail registration is free
※ This is only a registration e-mail for the e-zine. The payment for the membership registration will be required separately after the opening.
※ Please notice that「CLUB GACKT」doesn’t match to the features phone.

「CLUB GACKT」Official Support


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA