Excite: GACKT 「Thank you for coming today, and believing in me」 Fan-Club-Only 43rd Birthday Party / Report



2016.07.04 (MON) at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo  Basement 1 Prominence

「With this thought in my heart, I want to continue working hard from here on to be able to deliver smiles to everyone」(GACKT)

A day after the completion of his concept tour 『GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE  Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- supported by Nestle』 which started in April, the fan-club event which celebrated GACKT’s 43rd birthday 『GACKT’s 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY』 was held at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo. It was being held over 2 sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This report is based on the evening session. It ended 15 minutes past midnight, way past its previously scheduled time. Here, we deliver the events of this dense night.

The event was an elegant ballroom in a hotel in Tokyo. Upon entering the venue through the lobby, where pictures and the actual costumes from the “VISUALIVE” tour, which had its final the previous day, were being exhibited, the “LOVERS”, who were dressed in their own individual styles from evening dresses to kimono, were found seated at round tables. Firstly, they enjoyed a dinner, amidst an extravagant mood, with the footage of GACKT performing with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra being played.


The lights dimmed around 20:40, and following the call 「Do you want him?」, MC Madoka (dancer) got on stage, cued 「Please turn your attention to the back!」, and the members of GACKT JOB entered one by one as they were called in.

The dancers included Hiroki (Rassan), You-Suke, Tennen, U-MA, TAC, TAKA, and Kimisawa Yuuki, following them were the band members Val (Dr), Sato(Ba), TAKUMI(Gt), CHACHAMARU(Gt), YOU(Gt), and lastly GACKT himself was called upon. He appeared looking dignified, dressed in a suit with his short permed hair combed back and wearing glasses, leisurely heading to the stage in the audience’s thunderous applause. This chapter of the party has finally begun.

To start, they did a reflection session, looking back at the 42 performances of the “VISUALIVE” that has recently concluded. In this corner, the members will read out their reflections, and GACKT will judge whether they should have 「More expectation」 or do 「More reflection」, while U-MA, who is a descendant of Matsuo Basho (famous Edo period poet), makes an overall comment. The penalty, will be an extremely bad tasting drink which is a staple of this party. They used the GACKT original blend of “Noni juice” and “Japanese green gentian tea”, bringing a plucky smile to GACKT’s face

First off was You-Suke, who “reflected” on his body’s inflexibility despite him being a dancer. GACKT’s Instagram video of You-Suke’s spartan training was shown, and drew laughter from the audience. Following that, he included emcee Madoka’s flaws, which started GACKT’s random issuing of 「More reflection」, and relentless judgements, even on the staff who came flying in carrying the penalty drinks. 「Just now, he said 『Shoten』 is the person who brings the floor cushion right? “Yamada-kun”, bring 4 glasses (the number of people plus 1)!」 GACKT ordered, and the unexpected event of “Yamada-kun” also being subjected to the penalty game unfolded.



Then, Madoka exposed GACKT’s own “offences” which included the existence of a costly hand microphone which was created especially for the “VISUALIVE” but was not used in the end, and the costumes which were used for the filming of 「Kugutsu no Gotoku」 that had no air holes and caused the wearer to be unable to even see what’s in front, and that they had to wear such torturous outfits while waiting for 13 hours then complete the filming through much hardship only to have it all completely cut. GACKT was asked to reflect on it but, with a sharp look in his eye that scared them, he said「In my heart, I am feeling sorry about it」.

GACKT looked like he was about to take the penalty but, he started looking around him, saying「I can’t compete with myself so…」, and in the end, Rassan, the youngest, became the sacrifice. When they stuffed tissues dipped in the extremely disgusting drink into his nose, Rassan groaned「It stinks! This is hell~」but he looked as if it wasn’t affecting him badly. To that, GACKT laughed and said「You’re pretty perverted (laughs)」. Then, the Haiku that U‐MA recited were mostly not in the 5-7-5 syllable format, and his withering form drew laughter from the crowds too.

Next, in the「Kimi Dake no Baba de Iru Kara」corner, using their original cards, the event heated up in a game of, keeping the “Old Maid” instead of trying to lose it. A psychological game unfolded as they tried to read each other’s expressions instead of relying purely on the luck of what kind of cards get into your hand. The winners of the preliminary rounds, CHACHAMARU, Val, TAKUMI, and Yuuki, entered a separate room to play one round with each other, and the game was shown on the monitor to the audience. During which, GACKT said「Val’s body type, looks exactly like Kirisho’s (Kiryuuin Sho)」.



Following a fierce fight between CHACHAMARU and Val, Val got victory in his hands, and the 4 of them returned to the stage. The next challenge consisted of Val, the grand champion of the afternoon session You‐Suke, YOU, and GACKT.「You-Suke is the luckiest guy this year. Val worked hard and increased his “LAST VISUALIVE” luck. YOU really just has no luck. If he’s lucky do you think he would’ve met me?」said GACKT. 「YOU aside, if these two win here, I believe their monetary lucks will shoot up from here on」he added, entrusting the road to better personal luck to the results of the game. Not only was the feeling of involvement increased as the LOVERS predicted the winner of the game in their tables, they were even more delighted when GACKT said「Next year, if there’s a chance like this, I’d want to play with the strongest ones among all of you」.

This time, there were 8 types of playable cards but, he mentioned the idea of increasing it to 16 types (※GACKT also later added that he would like everyone’s ideas on what kind card effects should be used) and including it in the next Platinum Box. The audience’s winning member predictions were set forth all at once, and it was found that most tables picked either GACKT or Val. The players’ hands were shown to the audience on the monitors but, the players themselves had to play the game wearing headphones which kept them in a state of being blocked off from the information.

YOU briefly got the upper hand, but in the later stage of the game, You-Suke was locked in psychological warfare with GACKT, which GACKT won. With the card between his fingers, he kissed elegantly, and received a standing ovation.

From among the members of the tables who guessed that GACKT would win, their numbers were further reduced through a game, and the final 2  who were left were presented with a “Mental Reset” and a “BIG Gakucchi” stuffed toy (to be released in the 5th week of July for UFO catcher machines in arcades nationwide) straight from GACKT, and receive firm handshakes from him. At this point, the time was around 22:50 but there was still no sign to the end of the party.


The next corner was named the「LVL (LAST VAKA LESSON)」, a competition to decide who was stupid. A video was played, the members were gathered in a meeting room with long tables, and appeared to be taking an academic aptitude test. GACKT leisurely entered the room (although he was late… …) with a Totoro uchiwa fan which he found in a stationery shop in a shopping area along the way, mumbled “Cute~ (moeru~)” ended up getting. Even as Kurohachi sensei (Madoka) threw a fit, he kept a poker face.

Repeatedly warning the “students” to not fool around and fill up the test properly, Kurohachi sensei also said that the test results will be announced during the birthday party on July 4. With that video, the members’ answers were released to the audience. For example, in National Language (Japanese), one of the questions required them to fill in the blank in「Kawaii ko ni wa ______」(kawaii ko can either refer to a child or a girl). The correct answer was「Kawaii ko ni wa tabi wo saseyo (If you love your children, send them out into the world)」but, TAKUMI answered with「(If you love a girl, [give your]) LINE ID」, and the audience burst into laughter and applause.

In other words, the game is largely a competition in the Ogiri sense, and to GACKT’s own sweet answer 「(If you love a girl, )kiss her」, the audience sighed and clapped.


After that, the inevitable dangerous answers that would have been omitted if they were on a TV program sparked a roar of laughter, as GACKT repeated his fixed line sulkily「That’s because you told me to『write』~」. His exchange with the members was as lively as a group of juniors and seniors from a boys’ school messing around in the classroom. The unguarded exchange that only occurs in the setting of a fanclub event where an intimate relationship of trust has been established, and GACKT’s relaxed expression as he enjoyed himself were impressive.

The final result had GACKT scoring the highest, and the lowest ranking one was Kimisawa Yuuki, who managed to get 3rd or 4th place in terms of score, but found himself at the bottom because his answers were too serious. GACKT awarded him the bright red “o-VAKA cloak” and put it around his bare body, put on a sash for him that said “LVL 1 Baka”. At the hilarious sight of him wearing the crown too, GACKT genuinely burst out laughing, describing Yuuki perfectly as「a Superman who failed his transformation (laughs)」.


The time was 23:43. It appeared that July 4 would pass without any signs of plans that point to the birthday and there was some impatience at waiting for a progression, when finally「What are we gathered here for?」(Madoka),「Birthday!」(audience), with that exchange, everyone sang「HAPPY BIRTHDAY」together. While GACKT immediately stuffed himself with the blueberries that were on the huge cake which was brought up, he said「This (cake), will be on display in the lobby」, delighting the audience.

Before he blew out the candles, he accidentally said「I wish for everyone’s happiness… …」, then exclaimed「Ah! I can’t say these things aloud?」, showing a rare and charming sight of him wavering. GACKT then said,「Well, something else then」and redid it. I wonder, what was it that he wished for in his heart?

Waving to the fans in an elegant gesture, then looked back on his life, saying「So I’ve turned 43. I was 26 when I went solo… …」. A few days ago, when he was talking to TAKUMI about MALICE MIZER, he revealed that he didn’t know about GACKT’s activities back then, and GACKT began to talk about it, saying「I used to do these with Kami (Drums / passed away suddenly in 1999)」while showing videos of the piano solo, drum solo.

Then, as he looked back on meeting YOU and CHACHAMARU and the other members, turning 30, and then before long, 40. With deep emotion, he said「In the past I could not imagine (myself turning 40)」. He posed a question to the audience,「Surprisingly, growing older isn’t that bad right?」. He then added「You see, me growing older like this, it’s possible because there is everyone to share it with right? I think that’s amazing」. And with regards to celebrating his 44th birthday next year, he said「I believe that everyone here, too, is able to feel “I’ll work even harder too”」. Despite that he has his own activities, his thoughts for the lives of each one of the LOVERS were more prominent.


「I think that chasing after me, is tiring isn’t it. I’m fickle-minded, if I don’t do what I thought of I won’t settle, I don’t know where I’m going. Despite all of that, thank you for sticking with me and believing in me」he said, repeating the same gratitude that he spoke of during the “VISUALIVE” MC. All the LOVERS who had been constantly smiling until just now, were listening attentively to GACKT’s earnest words.

「When I am able share time together like this, I can feel that “I worked hard too”. That’s why, I want to become an even more wonderful version of myself」he connected, using all the words he can to convey the relationship between him and the fans is one of mutual enhancement.

Next, video comments from artistes who are also his friends were shown on screen. While eating the berries, GACKT interjected with sharp-tongued comments, watching it with a smile from start to end. Lined up were Kiryuuin Sho first, who kept a low profile from start to end, and said「As much as possible, continue your guidance and encouragement to me… … 」, next was DAIGO who praised「No matter how old GACKT-san is, you’ll always be KSK (Kakkoii・Sugoi・Kakkoii – Cool・Amazing・Stylish) !」, and lastly was HYDE.


「Come to think of it, 43 is an unlucky year… or isn’t it?」he said, starting with a comment that sounded familiar to one that he made during GACKT’s 42nd birthday. He then continued while laughing「When we met you were like a clever handsome young man, like Dekisugi-kun (from Doraemon)」,「Now you’re exactly like the scary athletic older brother though (laughs). I’ve had a glimpse of that since back then」, referring to memories of『MOON CHILD』(2003 / GACKT original movie). Speaking slowly with a gentle tone, he spoke of the time when he had to read a script with GACKT in GACKT’s dark house which had no lighting, and of GACKT’s fridge having nothing but wine, and of proceeding to read using a lighter as a light source but having problems because it got hot, among other instances.

「Something sexy about GACKT of that time! Using only one bathrobe」「I wondered『Is he hugging it today… …?』(laughs)」as he cracked a joke, the audience broke into laughter.

GACKT, who received the congratulatory messages, met HYDE at a certain bar to get him to read the script of『MOON CHILD』, calling it the “start of a romance”. He recounted the exchange, when HYDE was hesitant, saying「I, have never acted before?」, and GACKT persuaded him with「It’s already been decided in me. HYDE’s character won’t work unless it’s HYDE doing it」. To conclude, he said「Before we knew it, we’ve both already reached such an age」. In that gentle tone, we could feel the special, warm friendship of two people who have continued running down a long path together.

And lastly, the traditional song by the members as a present. Instead of「Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto」which was sung in the afternoon session, in the evening, the members took turns singing「LOVE LETTER」. Despite that their voices were sometimes at risk of being turned inside out and sometimes the pitch was being compromised, everyone’s passionate feelings were brought forth as they held each other around the shoulders and swayed.


Sitting on the sofa, GACKT watched the members with a smile but, at the destructive cacophony that came during the big chorus when they all sang together, he burst out laughing, bending over backwards. ♪Aishiteru … … With that phrase, the song concluded and they exclaimed「GACKT, happy birthday!」. As everyone clapped for him, GACKT himself also clapped.

「For now, we’ve reached the end of the “LAST VISUALIVE” yesterday, we shall head for the world tour which is starting next, and I hope to bring something even better」,「When we do the return performances in Japan again in 2017, it’ll be something that will make you feel『As expected, it’s great that I came』even if you’ve already memorised all the songs. It’ll make you wonder, is this really the same stage? I want to deliver the special world of “LAST VISUALIVE” to you」he said, expressing his resolve. The stage was praised to be of a masterpiece’s quality but, GACKT said「Even I don’t know how much I can do, I can see the challenges」, not forgetting the humble and objective perspective. He then promised「With this thought in my heart, I want to continue working hard from here on to be able to deliver smiles to everyone」.「Until then, everyone, work hard too. Because we will do our best too. Thank you for celebrating with me like this today!」, he said, thanking everyone again, before leaving the stage while throwing plenty of kisses to the audience.

When it ended, it was 15 minutes past midnight. It was a far longer event that expected, and it would have been physically taxing but, that extraordinary intimacy is quintessential of GACKT, and part of his powerful charm. Full of GACKT JOB’s strong love for GACKT, and of course the great love that GACKT has for his LOVERS, it was one unforgettable party.

Source: Excite.co.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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