Well! Towards the documentary film “Sayonara~ Great Mt. Oppai”
We’ve completed filming for the Okinawa chapter of Karanukan.
We’ll be leaving this island
The shallow waters of the warm sea where humans were birthed from, the beautiful perspective of the scenery depicts a priceless aesthetic and philosophy
The value of culture that can be imagined from daily life
A life of CREATE
An anthem of love
The initiation of life and death that can support Koshinto and Nirai Kanai
In the present era where the weak creatures known as humans use their intellect to infest the world and self-destruct, this movie
earnestly suggests a new way of life, through love, death, and rebirth
In the Tokyo chapter, we will capture that perspective and aim to complete it early next year.
It will become a full-scale movie motion picture that was made using a lot of organisation and funds.
“Sayonara~ Great Mt. Oppai”, like “Sakanakami”, was made with a small fund and a small crew. For 30 years, Hamano Yasuhiro has gained a lot of wisdom from spending summers in the American Rockies’ magnificent mountains of Grand Teton, and will speak of all there is about the way to cheerfully and healthily.


The intertidal zone, estuaries, Inoh, mud flats, tidal flats, rivers, waterfalls, sea, the climax forests,
to all the cast and staff who did trial and error with me, thank you. Miyagi
GACKT, Kimura Suzuka, Omine Nobutaka, Kato Tokiko, Akiyoshi Kumiko, Yui Masayuki, Ganeko Yoriko, Jinnai Sho, Shaun Kazama, Takaesu Ryo, Nakama Eriko, Konno Yuri, Nakamura Mamiko, Miyagi Yoko, Miyazato Kayo, Kiyoshi Hijikata, Yamada Minami, Chen Chao, Marlene, Kano Shigenori, Taira Kozue…
Acting, dancing, singing… everyone, thank you!
Production, direction, film, sound, lights, props, instruments, staging, Kiyan Yukio, Okinawa Rock Association, Okinawa Jazz Association, everyone thank you


Blue skies everyday, good friends everyday, time went pass without a fuss. We were happy everyday.
Everyday was a new day.
Movie Karanukan Director’s Diary
I mentioned that GACKT became the teacher. “Directing the action” with exquisite skill.
I was moved.
Everyday, being called “director, director…”, day by day he grew to become a director.


Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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