GACKT’s NicoNico Channel, that has been delivering blomagas
with GACKT as the editor, is getting a renewal!
It’s been further powered-up as a video program of video programs!!

In response to everyone’s ardent requests for live broadcasts,
the blomaga deliveries will, from now on, become monthly broadcasts,
bringing to you GACKT’s present status.

And, as for the guest for the mandatory celebratory 1st episode,
we’re welcoming the diva that Japan boasts to the world about, Hamasaki Ayumi!

Please look forward to finding out what kind of conversation will unfold
between the two who lead the eras in various fields.

▼Broadcast schedule
20:00-22:00 Music videos
22:00-22:30 Talk broadcast

Note, a part of the talk broadcast
can only be viewed by the members of 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!! Channel」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA