Movie Karanukan Director’s Diary
We’ve finally entered deep into Yaeyama.


Moving toward the climax scene of the movie bringing all our shooting equipment on a one-way mountain road for 40 minutes.
In the scorching heat of Okinawa, with an abnormal high temperature, we prepare our equipement and shooting plan, make camera tests, sound recording silently.
In my work, I always try to insistently focus on important aesthetics, philosophy, beautiful pictures.
GACKT also gave me his advice. And made important proposals.
‘I’ll do my best until director is fully satisfied’
I’m moved to tears by his affection.


Movie Karanukan Director’s Diary
The colour composition, actuality, cuts, are all beautiful.
This icecream stand, is something borrowed from the style of Okinawa’s roadside stores that we often see.


Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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