Karanukan movie synopsis

The internationally acclaimed photographer Ooyama Hikaru was taking a series of photos of a beautiful girl, Ishigaki Maumi, against the backdrop of Okinawa’s Yaeyama islands’s scenery. During a photoshoot under a beautiful waterfall on Iriomote Island, all of a sudden, a strong beam of sunlight hit Ooyama from above the waterfall, and he was momentarily blinded. Before he knew it, Maumi had mysteriously disappeared… It has been 4 years since then, and Ooyama continues to search for the girl who disappeared deep in Yaeyama. While going into Yaeyama and searching for Maumi, he was touched by the impressive nature and artistry of Okinawa. At the same time, Okinawa’s beautiful scenery, which has never been depicted by anyone thus far, was captured in pictures. And, once again he caught sight of Maumi’s shadow. Ooyama realises his strong feelings of love for the woman who has grown in his thoughts. Why did she suddenly disappear? Was it a dream, or could it be the river God「Karanukan」…

Cast of Karanukan

GACKT (Gakuto)
Lead protagonist: Ooyama Hikaru


Up till now, he has released 46 singles and 18 albums.

He maintains the number 1 position for male solo artistes with the most number of Top 10 singles. (Since October 2015)

He’s fluent in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and French. Adept in martial arts (Katana, Taekwondo, Karate, Acrobatics, etc.) and his hobbies include driving, snowboarding, and horse riding.

With『giving others a push in their backs』as his motto, he has made contributions with graduation lives, and his charity activities.

Considering himself an “expressionist”, he is an individualistic artiste who defies the boundaries of a musician with his versatility.

Kimura Suzuka


Birth date / 1997.7.10

Special skills / Rhythmic gymnastics, flexibility
Winner at the National Sports Festival of Japan (National Athletic Meet) under Tokyo Representative Members

2016 Won grand prize for「Shogakukan Miss Visual Web S」
2016「Prisejor」image posters
2016.2 Acted on「Pekepon Plus」
2016.3 Appeared as show model for「BMS TOKYO 11」・Won grand prize the model contest at the event
2016.6 Appeared as show model for「BMS TOKYO 12」
Grand prize winner of FREEPAPER「美toBE」cover model auditions (Scheduled for issue in August 2016)

Hamano Yasuhiro / Movie director, lifestyle producer


He first gained attention as the fashion writer for the original「MEN’S CLUB」, following which he established the fashion brand「SOMETHING E LSE」, and works as a pioneer in the fashion business industry. He produced Tokyo, Akasaka’s legendary club-disco「M U G E N 」, and has co-produced F R O M -1s t , Tokyu Hands, A X I S, Shibuya Q FR O N T among other creations. He is also famous in the world of fly fishing. He has published more than 60 books, including「Fasshon-ka Shakai」and「Shisso Kakumei」. He acted and self-directed the movie「Sakana Kami」. President of the of the Association for Beach and Field Protection. Managing Director of non-profit organisation Shibuya Aoyama Landscaping Foundation (SALF). Founder and Executive Director of Japan Pacific Islands Association.

Source: karanukan.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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