Movie『Karanukan』starring GACKT, films at Okinawa’s Emerald Beach

2016-lug15-karanukan-entameplex-01The「Nirai Kanai Fire Festival of the Sea」event, which was also in conjunction with the filming of the movie『Karanukan』, where GACKT will be a movie lead character for the first time in 14 years, was held on the 15th at Okinawa’s Emerald Beach at the Ocean Expo Park.

2016-lug15-karanukan-entameplex-03On this day, around 1000 spectators were gathered, and a live event with the filming of the cast members was held. During filming, sabani (boats that were used in ancient Okinawa) left the coast and raised torches, and the events of the festival, along with the live event at the festival venue, were filmed.

2016-lug15-karanukan-entameplex-02Also, during the「8th Okinawa International Movie Festival 」held in April, Kimura Ryouka, the female lead actress and heroine for this movie, was picked at the final audition. Kimura, who faced the scene where the protagonist Ooyama Hikaru (GACKT) was searching for the heroine undercover at the festival grounds, said cheerfully「Because I come from a background of performing on stage for rhythmic gymnastics, I’m really nervous. But I’m really looking forward to it」, as she looked back on the filming.

2016-lug15-karanukan-entameplex-04Also, appearing as a performer for the live event was Jazz singer Marlene, who celebrates the 35th year in her career. She performed the theme song for this movie,「Ai ni Nare」. She then shared her feelings on the live event, saying「Like me, the Okinawan audience express their feelings honestly, so singing was enjoyable. With the release of the movie, I would hope that more people get to listen to it」.

2016-lug15-karanukan-entameplex-05Director Hamano Yasuhiro said,「This movie, is a story of a man who awakens to true love as he enters his 40s. Without the nature and rich culture of Okinawa, I would not be able to depict this love so, people who are tired of society should definitely watch this」, showing his confidence in the completion of the movie.
The movie『Karanukan』is scheduled for release in 2017.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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