Joint-development with GACKT into the cosmetics industry! Blanc, professional salon for eyelash extensions and eyebrows, with 138 branches worldwide

It has been announced that Blanc, a company managing professional salons for eyelash extensions and eyebrows (CEO: Yamashita Haruyuki, HQ: Osaka, Osaka-shi, Yodogawa-ku, Nishinakajima, 5-chome 12-8), will be entering into a joint-development and production with GACKT, for a full-scale expansion into the cosmetics business.

Blanc Group:

Blanc and GACKT have developed natural-oriented cosmetics with thorough special attention for women’s beautiful skin in a way that has not been used in the ideas and concepts for skincare products.
GACKT is reputed to have the eye to ascertain what is truly genuine, as proven on 「Geinoujin Kakudzuke CHECK」.
Similarly, in Blanc’s philosophy, it is stated that 「With our theme of feminine beauty, we will always propose and provide “the real thing” to consumers」, showing their special attention to genuity. Through ideas and concepts that have never been applied before, Blanc and GACKT will create never before made skincare products.
The products from the first phase of the collaboration will be released between the year end of 2016 and next spring. Updates and images of the product development will be uploaded on the below sites from time to time.

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Blanc Eyelash Site:
Blanc Corporate Site:

Aside from this product launch, Blanc and GACKT will also be co-producing new options and products for eye area treatments.



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