For members who joined by 31 May 2016, and those whose memberships are still valid
+ GG EXPRESS Vol.9~16

*For members whose Orico Cards [G&LOVERS Card UPty] are expiring between August~October, or memberships are expiring between September~November, the renewal instructions will be enclosed together
*For those who updated the membership between 2015/6/1~2016/5/3 benefits upgrade is enclosed (IC card stickers)

Non-receipt inquiry period: Between July 6th 2016 to July 15th 2016, please use this form” target=”_blank”>questo form to log an inquiry.
*As we will send you a confirmation email, please allow the receipt of emails from [] in your email.
*Please make sure to inquire during this period.
*Any inquiries outside of this period may not get a response.
*During the non-receipt inquiry period, please note that we will not be entertaining inquiries about other subjects. We thank you for your understanding.


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