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Please refer to the notes on this matter

GACKT’s 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY has been decided!!

The organization of GACKT’s 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY has been decided!!
Let’s celebrate all together GACKT’s 43rd birthday also this year。
All the members who have been involved in the LAST VISUALIVE until one day before this at Saitama Super Arena
will expose the behind-the-scenes of the tour!!
All sorts of stories will be revealed!!
Location:ANA InterContinental Tokyo first floor
Akasaka, 1-12-33 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Date:2016/7/4 (Mon)
《Aftenoon Session》
Registration stars 11:30〜
Doors open at 12:45〜
Start 13:30〜
Scheduled end 16:30
《Evening Session》
Registration start 16:30〜
Doors open at 17:45〜
Start 18:30〜
Scheduled end 21:30
◆Per session (afternoon ・evening)  50,000 Yen (1 ticket per person per application)
◆Afternoon ・Evening set 80,000 Yen (1 ticket per person per application)
※All seats are designated, prices include taxes, service charge, course meal, free-flow drinks, and participant gift
《Dress Code》
Women:Yukata, Kimono, Cocktail dress, one-piece dress worn at weddings, etc.
Men:Yukata, Kimono, suit, tuxedo, jacket, etc.
※there’s no changing room in the hotel。

※The ticket will have the registered member’s name and fan club number printed.
※The ticket is only for the use of the person whose details are printed on it
※ On the day of the event, we will verify your identity.
e will be verifying the name printed on your ticket with the name on your personal identification documents which needs to have a photo of you.
Please bring identification documents which include a photo of yourself.(However, photocopies are not allowed.)
(①Driver’s license ②Passport ③Student identification card with photo ④Resident card with photo)
※If your student identification card has no photo attached, please bring your national health insurance documents instead.
However, national health insurance documents alone are insufficient. Adult Identification IC Card「taspo」is also insufficient.
If you are determined to not be the original holder of the ticket, or if we cannot verify your identity, you will be refused admission into the event venue.
※Preschoolers are not allowed into the event venue.
※There may be additional charges in addition to the original ticket price. Please check the details carefully when registering.
※For more details, please check the E-plus Reception page(PC and Mobile).
※ People who wish to attend on a wheelchair, please contact us to GACKT OFFICIAL FUN CLUB G & LOVERS Secretariat support@g-and-lovers.zendesk.com until the day before the performance.
※Please take note that there is the possibility of media coverage on the event.
※Please refrain from direct inquiries to the hotel.
※The hotel has a cloakroom but there is a possibility that it cannot be used.
※The information is valid as of now. Changes may occur.
For the latest information, please refer to 「GACKT OFFICIAL WEBSITE」.

《Acceptance Period》
[Joined by postal transfer] Members that enrolled till May 15, 2016
[Joined by credit cart, convenience store settlement] you can apply immediately by contacting us and than complete the settlement of your enrollment up to the end of entry period.
G & LOVERS: https://g-and-lovers.com/contents/46567

※ it’s not possible to apply for members that past the renewal period.
If you will be updating your membership through payment in convenience stores, you can sign up immediately after the settlement is complete.

※ For all new members who applied for GACKT PHONE it will be possible to apply only through G & LOVERS site “LOVERS ROOM”.

《Entry Method》

※After completion of your registration via phone, you will be given a registration number (4 digits). If your bid is successful
this number will definitely be used so please keep it well.

Accepted URL: http://eplus.jp/gaparty/ (PC · Smartphone Common)
※ membership registration of e + (free) is required.
If you are already a registered member at e + you don’t need to register again, it is recommended to confirm the registration status before accepting.

For those who joined after May 16, via credit cardo or convenience store settlement you can sign up here.

Acceptance period: June 6, 2016 (Mon) 12: 00 ~ June 12, 2016 (Sun) 18:00
Ballot announcement period: June 17, 2016 (Friday) 13: 00 ~ June 21, 2016 (Tuesday) 18:00
Payment period: June 17, 2016 (Friday) 13: 00 ~ June 21, 2016 (Tuesday) 21:00

It’s required a12-digit number composed by 「9-digit membership number」 and 「first 3 digits of zip code」while registering for your tickets..
E.g. If your membership number is “012345678” and your zip code is 123-4567, the number required for your entry will be “012345678123”.
※The data required will be as of May 30, 2016.
※ If you don’t know your membership number, please contact GACKT OFFICIAL FUN CLUB G & LOVERS Secretariat (support@g-and-lovers.zendesk.com) in advance.

[Inquiries about entry]
For reception, e +
E + Customer Center 0570-06-9919
(Reception time 10: 00-18: 00, including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

[Other, about the questions]
GACKT OFFICIAL FAN CLUB G & LOVERS: https://g-and-lovers.com/contact/


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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