R-Shitei gave his all in a freestyle rap using topics from GACKT

Today, May 26, the public premiere movie event for 「Deadpool」 was held in Tokyo, at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, GACKT and Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei & DJ Matsunaga) made appearances.

In 「Deadpool」, ex-special forces member Wade Wilson gets told that he has late-stage cancer, and gains an immortal body and superhuman combat abilities through human experimentation. The action movie follows his activities as he works under the name Deadpool. Because of the extreme content, it has been rated R-15.

This day’s event was held on a special stage set up at the theatre entrance and in the theatre itself. First, DJ Matsunaga appeared at the DJ booth on the special stage, and spun a danceable track. Then, Deadpool and the dancers appeared and unveiled an acrobatic performance. Furthermore, R-Shitei, who had the movie’s R-15 rating (shitei in Japanese) named after him, appeared and performed a rap that was centred around 「Deadpool」. After that, GACKT was called in, and commented about the movie 「There are all kinds of characters that fall under the category of American heros but, for the first time a hero of this type has been made. For myself I’m really happy that this movie became a huge hit globally. Because he’s quite a funny hero I’ll be glad if people like him too」.

During the stage greeting held after moving into the theatre, GACKT spoke excitedly about scenes that he likes. Despite saying 「Will this be a spoiler?」, he said 「I really love the avocado scene. Another scene I like is the SM scene. He ended up on all fours, that’s what I liked. Despite that he’s a hero (laughs) 」. He also mentioned action scenes that he was moved by 「There were lots of action scenes that used extreme martial arts, and I thought that it was well incorporated into the movie」.

In addition, by the MC’s introduction, Creepy Nuts came to the stage. The MC touched on R-Shitei’s freestyle rapping being a hot topic, and requested 「Will you perform it for us here?」. R-Shitei readily agreed to it, and GACKT gave the keywords「crazy main character」 and 「is it alright to describe it like this」 which were inline with the movie. Furthermore, together with the keyword 「Johnny Depp」 from the audience, R-Shitei used the words and performed a freestyle rap a cappella. Even GACKT was in admiration of the degree of perfection in his rap that incorporated the charm of the movie and the keywords as well. He confessed 「At the end I thought Johnny Depp would somehow appear」. With regards to his own performance, R-Shitei said 「Although its not being graded ……」, but upon receiving a big round of applause from the audience, he looked embarassed as he laughed 「So that means its 100 points (laughs)」. And at the end, GACKT and Creepy Nuts broke open the sake barrel, and ended with the event being a great success.
In addition, at the event held at the theatre entrance, professional baseballer Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren, and professional boxer Takano Tomomi also attended the premiere.
The movie 「Deadpool」 will be released nationwide on 1 June.

Source: natalie.mu

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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