GACKT 「I was in a laughing fit during the SM scene」, a speil on the charms of movie 『Deadpool』

I~ have arrived! The hugely popular, 「4th wall (the wall between fiction and reality)」breaking superhero, Deadpool, is in a movie. To celebrate this, on May 26, a movie premiere event for 『Deadpool』 was held in Tokyo.
The movie is a mega hit and the number 1 R-rated film, it made a record as the movie with the best opening performance for Twentieth Century Fox Films, and has already broken various records in 120 countries that it has been released in.


During the event’s red carpet, firstly to enjoy the blockbuster film, Yomiuri Giants pitcher Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren, and professional boxer and model Takano Tomomi, graced the carpet. After that, together with 「Deadpool dancers」, GACKT and Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei & DJ Matsunaga) appeared. GACKT said 「I really like Deadpool, so I’m glad that it finally became movie 」and 「Its amazing that the one time Marvel tried having a dark hero as a main character for a movie, it became a huge hit around the world」 among other things.


After the special stage on the red carpet ended, GACKT and Creepy Nuts moved to the screening area, and appeared in front of the audience who were there for the screening. Possibly because it was a surprise, loud cheers erupted from the audience stands. When asked about the movie’s highlights, GACKT, who has already watched the English version, said with a grin 「There’s an SM scene. He ends up on all fours. That’s the part I really like. For me I was in a laughing fit」.


In the middle, with the 『Deadpool』 movie’s R-rating (shitei in Japanese), R-Shitei who appeared as a guest performed a freestyle rap. On the rap battle tournament program 「Freestyle Dungeon」 (TV Asahi), R-Shitei mows down the freestyle rapping challengers, and on that day displayed his prowess. With 2 from GACKT, and a topic from audience who got picked, he weaved them together and wowed the venue.


In the last part, the broke open the sake barrel while chanting 「Go! Go! Deadpool!」 in hopes of it being a hit in Japan. At the end, GACKT fueled the audience, saying 「It has broken records around the world, so if this doesn’t break any in Japan, we’ll seem like a boring country. I’d hate for that. So I hope that everyone will spread the word about the movie」.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that 「I~」 Deadpool is appearing on screen. In reality, he appeared as the last boss in the previously released movie 「Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO」. However, many around the world heavily criticised the fact that he was completely different than the original work and looked like a horror creature, flooding it with comments like 「That’s not what Deadpool is ~!」. However, as mentioned previously, the movie 『Deadpool』 was well received. It looks like we can somehow enjoy the movie with a piece of mind.

The movie 『Deadpool』 will be released nationwide on June 1 in TOHO Cinemas!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA