GACKT 「in a laughing fit」during the SM scene R-Shitei crazy about the hero


During the premiere event on May 26 for action movie 『Deadpool』 (releases June 1), the movie with an unusual hero, held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, GACKT, Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei & DJ Matsunaga) made an appearance. GACKT, who is a big fan of Deadpool, revealed a scene he liked, saying 「There is an SM scene. I was in a laughing fit」.

This movie is an action film that follows the battles of the main character who has an immortal body from being experimented on by a suspicious organisation. With a sharp tongue and a barrage of jokes available at any time, the activities of this unconventional hero Deadpool became a hot topic, and created a record for an R-rated film to be number 1 in 120 countries around the world.

「Ever since he appeared in 『Wolverine』, I’ve liked Deadpool a lot」 said GACKT, who has been a Deadpool fan for quite some time. He said that he’s 「been waiting for 」 a Deadpool movie to be made, and added 「I watched the English version, and it’s crazy」, mentioning that he’s watched the finished version, and appears to be greatly satisfied by its impact.

GACKT fondly said of the action scenes, 「The action is impressive too. It really shows you the techniques. I wonder how many people were injured」, and a scene that he liked from the movie was 「The SM scene」. He grinned and said, 「He ended up on all fours. This part, I liked quite a lot. It happened despite that he’s supposed to be a hero. I was in quite a laughing fit」. He was delighted with the emergence of the unconventional hero, saying 「There’s never been an approach of this kind for an American hero. It feels like it’s finally arrived」.

On that day, Creepy Nuts, a unit that is soaring in popularity among the youth, got the venue excited with their challenge of a freestyle rap using topics from GACKT and the audience. The rapper with the same name as the movie’s specifics, R-Shitei highlighted 「The content is irresistible for adults who understand the jokes. It may be extreme but, I’d like for you to break down that wall and enjoy it」. GACKT also added 「It’s breaking records all around the world. If this doesn’t break records in Japan, it will seem like Japan is a boring country. I’d hate for that. I’ll be glad if everyone would spread the word about the movie」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA