GACKT:Gave the rapper a hard time, provoked him with a challenge


On the 26th, singer GACKT-san attended the movie premiere event for 「Deadpool」, which was held in Tokyo, with rapper 「R-Shitei」-san. During the event, GACKT-san provided keywords for R-Shitei-san, who was going to rap freestyle, but instead gave him a challenge, and stumped R-Shitei-san.

When the MC prompted GACKT-san saying, 「Since we’re all here will GACKT-san please give R-Shitei-san a topic keyword」, GACKT-san immediately gave him 「crazy main character」 and 「Is it alright to describe it like this」 as “sentences” linked to the movie. To this, even R-Shitei-san, who has lots of experience in freestyle rap, said with a bitter laugh 「People mostly give me individual words but, GACKT-san give me sentences… …」. Even so, GACKT-san watched over R-Shitei-san with a smile as he performed a spectacular freestyle rap.

In 「Deadpool」, the main character, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gets late-stage cancer and gets modified by a suspicious organisation. Hiding his completely changed appearance, and protecting his beloved girlfriend, he becomes the hero 「Deadpool」, and swears revenge upon the organisation… It will be released on June 1.

On that day, aside from GACKT-san and R-Shitei-san, DJ Matsunaga also made an appearance. Also, on the red carpet before the event, professional baseballer Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren Mikolas, along with the model-boxer Takano Tomomi, also made appearances.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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