Members card shipping information.

The shipping of membership cards for new members who joined the fanclub between 2015/9/16 and 2015/11/15 have started.

Non-arrival enquiry period: Please contact G&LOVERS between 2016/1/7 and 2016/1/11.

During the above mentioned period of time, please send an email to 【】 with the following information.
◇ Subject: 「会員証未着」 [non-arrival of membership card]
(If there is no subject line, include it in the body of the email.
◇ Email body: Name, name in furigana, membership number, address

※Stick to the due enquiry period of time。
Note that for any enquiry arriving after that time、there will be a reissue fee of 700 yen
※If you need to change the name printed on your card
please follow the procedures listed under 【会員証再発行手続き方法】 (membership card reissue procedure) within the enclosed [information] documents.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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