【If it’s delicious, more than the location, it’s because it was harvested in the right season」vol.3】The 3rd guest of our section was GACKT!

The section today was based on「Nescafe Dried Taste」and the subject of the seasons.【TOPICS】

■They chose to call our discussions 3rd edition「If it’s delicious, more than the location, it’s because it was harvested in the right season」cause the seasons were the chosen subject.

Mr “Season” came to discuss this topic with GACKT 【photo】

■The husband of the great Japanese cuisine「Tsukiji Tamura」, Takashi Tamura came to discuss this topic with GACKT.

Advices about how to taste「Nescafe Regular Soluble Coffee」better.

The gift sets of「Nescafe Dried Taste」are already on sale online with a great success.

【FOTO】3rd edition – Debate on ‘’Season’’ with GACKT



The last guest of this Nestle section 『If it’s delicious, more than the location, it’s because it was harvested in the right season』was the world renowned singer GACKT.

It was a conversation that touched different points of view of the speakers, but that also showed a lot of similarities between them. Well, let’s see how the conversation went on.

GACKT:When I took 「Nescafe Dried Taste」 in my hand for the first time, I focused on the character “究み” written on the package (To reach the stars, being at the top) I suddenly thought「Ah, I really have a good felling about it!」. I think that the kanji “究” (To reach the stars, being at the top) is very interesting. In order to create this kanji, you should ever the number 8, 八, number 9, 九, and it gives the feeling that work is almost done to reach the perfection, that’s number 10, 十. It’s seriously elegant.

田村:Thank you very much. When Nestle told me about the new fragrance「Nescafe Dried Taste」, I had the thought「I have to create an even more delicious coffee」. But Nestle replied「We have to create a coffee selected not from the production area, but depending on a careful analysis about the Seasons to select the best coffee beans」that allowed me to make my own thought a reality.

GACKT:This is the reason why I love Nestle products. They put together the ideas of a lot of experts, plus the dedication and the passion they feel for their products.

「Nescafe Dried Taste」is a drink without any pretense. It’s a fragrance obtained from a long study of the previous fragrances and from the hard work of the people.

田村:Well yes, it was the results of a very hard work. Ah by the way, you are a great food connoisseur right!

GACKT:They often tell me , rather than the “food” I care about the different lifestyles. What I eat it’s only what I prepared, we have to be sure about what nature gives us and the food. Also regarding the world of music we should have the determination to go on. Rather than fashion and market, what gives me strength to go on, they are my fans always ready to support me.

田村:I see. I think the same, the approval of the people is necessary to go on. Even if we can’t see it.

GACKT:The people who work hard, even when we don’t see it, always try to get their lifestyle better. We always hear the word「Keep」, but I think it’s very hard to keep the pace and go on strongly without stopping. Even if we can’t see the results of our hold on, they will come soon. One of the most important results we should achieve is to understand that the ambitions towards something is already a victory.

田村:I see. U have a lil bit old-fashioned thoughts but I also think it’s very important to have an ambition and make it grow till the end. The soup is an example. It doesnt matter what you put inside, the important thing is doing it. I often don’t care what I throw into the pot. If you do it too, you will understand me (ahah)

~From now on we’ll talk about「Nescafe Dried Taste」 which replaced the「Nescafé Gold Blend Barista」

GACKT:「Nescafe Dried Taste」has a very strong smell but so beautiful like the aftertaste. One sip is enough to understand the difference with the gold blend, I think the choice to make it a「Nescafe Regular Soluble Coffee」, can enhance its flavor even more. I think that also who’s not able to understand the differences among coffees, would be able to sense it. Of course 「Nescafe Dried Taste」will be able to delete these words.

田村:Your words make me really happy. 「Nescafe Dried Taste」is based on two concepts:「More than the production area, the season」,「When season changes, we should change producing areas」. GACKT, what do you think about seasons?

GACKT:Earlier, some people were invited to the store to try this fragrance and of course they understood the goodness of this product and its connection with the Seasons. Yesterday the boss wasn’t in the store, always it has been said that it’s a coffee created with something harvested in mountain during the autumn. I was also very satisfied about the wonderful choice of the place, it’s seriously beautiful. Earlier, listening to the brand of 「Nescafe Dried Taste」,「Look for the seasons, change the production area」, I suddenly had the feeling of leaving the place and try the seasons’ taste.

田村:Exactly. Unfortunately, there are some people that often are influenced by food’s origin, but actually, what they should do is to choose depending on the harvesting’s season, This applied both to the coffee and to any other type of legume.

GACKT:I completely agree with what you said, Mr. Tamura. Then, talking about seasons, I think that’s one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Unfortunately some foreigner countries that, not having the division into 4 seasons, they can’t understand this concept deeply. Seasons are a very normal things for Japanese, but actually seasons are a very important thing for our country. We have a great luck. Today in this speech, for the second time, I realized how much the perseverance and the determination are important.



Artist, current leader on the singles TOP10.

He knows a lot of languages(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French), he’s very skilled in martial arts(Japanese’s sword art, Taekwondo, Karate, Acrobatic technique)Snowboard, horse riding is his hobby. He identifies himself as “Someone who tries to express something”, an artist that tries to shoe his versatility bypassing the rules and limits on the musicians.

「Nescafe Dried Taste」, how did it start?

「Nescafe Dried Taste」is born from the determination in the ingredients’ research, in order to enhance the flavor at its best.


・Determination in finding the ingredients through a strict research.

Coffe beans selected from Nestle’s experts.

With the season’s changing, the harvesting area is changed every six months, in order to obtain the most delicious flavor from every single coffee bean. Through a very strict research, they selected only coffee beans during their best period of maturation.

・Care about the bean’s cooking temperature.

The single beans are roasted closely following the temperature overtime. (Until they are dry)

・Care about the extraction

Once extracted from the oven, the coffee benas destined to become 「Nescafe Regular Soluble

Coffee」are further selected depending on their freshness before being milled.

Nescafe Sapore Essiccato × Tsukiji Tamura

The husband of the great Japanese cuisine「Tsukiji Tamura」, Takashi Tamura :「Instead of choosing the ingredients based on the production area, we should select them depending on the “good season” it allows to give them a special flavor, and it gives our customers the taste of that summer and a lot of beautiful sensations. This is what I wanted to offer our customers.」.

Even Nestle, instead of choosing the coffee beans depending on production area, preferred to select coffee beans grain by grain, in order to give its best to the customers.

Drying・Mixing・Extraction, that’s what the processing of this product requires, and we do all that for you all.

So, I’d want our customers to select something with the idea 「More than the production area, the season」, and I’d want everyone to try the new 「Aroma」「Taste」「Aftertaste」of「Nescafe Dried Taste」.


Tsukiji Tamura

Tamura Takashi

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