【Live Report】GACKT shows the charm of “earnest play”! Boldy covers BUMP OF CHICKEN, Mr. Children, X Japan’s famous songs at Gakuen Fest!!

“Launched by GACKT, earnestly play!!”. This year, the Gakuen tour,『92nd Camui♂Gakuen de Dashitekuda-Sai』, was held at a grand scale too. This is the report of the performance that was held on the 5th at Tokyo’s TOYOSU PIT.

For this event, to lay out the “Gakuen fest” concept to every corner of the venue, everyone who sets foot in the venue, including staff, are wearing school uniforms as a dress code. Furthermore, the thoroughness of it extends to using words like「Kashikomari (Certainly)」,「Arigataki (Thank you)」, and「Gobure (Sorry)」. This makes it one big event that gives you a complete feel of the student mood in a manner unlike any other normal live.

Together with the commencement chime, first was GACKT, no, the scion of the Camui Conglomerate, the Student Council President giving the opening declaration. From the back of the audiences’ seats, strutting proudly on a bright red carpet, the President coolly looks at the faces of the students as he heads to the stage.

「The student body gathered here in Toyosu Branch School, the motto of Camui♂Gakuen is to earnestly play, earnestly learn, and tackle everything with all your life. This is also the mission that is applicable to your time in school. From the bottom of my heart, please enjoy your Gakuen life (school life). Is that alright~!」

After that, starting with the introduction of the members of the student council, the “F9”, made up of the band members and dancers, went through a game corner challenge(pretty much getting bullied by President), which was a spectacular opening of『Dashitekuda-Sai』. The main part of the Gakuen Fest was the live performance. Beginning with Student Council President Camui, YOU senpai(G), TAKUMI senpai(G), Sato senpai(B), Val senpai(Dr)were part of the Camui♂Gakuen Light Music Club S.E.X JAPAN(Super EXcellent hight school students in Japan)which earnestly rolled out a copy live.「As this year is the “Dashitekuda-Sai”, everyone please do take out all your feelings to the front. Is that alright~!!」. The voice that came out is not the formal whisper of the President that was used until now, but its a thrill-inducing roar that finally indicates the start of the live. Rather, this is essentially the Gakuen Fest. It doesn’t end as just a copy.

For example, the new attempt, BUMP OF CHICKEN’s「Tentai Kansoku (Star Gazing)(天体観測)」, was delivered with an upped tempo which made it seemingly impossible to breathe when performing it. Also starting with a calm and low key, the flow of the chorus is indeed fast! However, with that the voltage in the hall was raised all in one go. The challenge against speed, proof that its suited to GACKT’s voice, and even welcoming of Pokota senpai with「Koakuma Heaven」(President’s beloved GACKT’s song). In addition, because there was also choreography included, he said「I can’t explain because there’s too much choreography. We can’t remember. We’ll watch you guys and dance」, being as bad as to leave all the responsibility to the student body(laughs). For this song, it’s a dance game where they follow the moves on the stage screen but, because it was at a speed where the phrase could not even be caught, the images flowed and changed at a breakneck speed. Despite that, the members on stage appear to be enjoying themselves. Such an unprecedented and unique performance is “tied to Camui♂Gakuen”.

In a corner where「Hito ni Yasashiku」from “THE BALUE HEARTS” and「Chiisana Koi no Uta」from a band called “Mongol800”, Val senpai who was on drums stood at the front. He displayed impeccable vocal range and volume as a vocalist but, in any case his MC was fervent (laughs). Even when THE BLUE HEARTS’ guitarist・Mashima Masatoshi got entangled with President, he sunk under his glare. Such a President provided a hilarious one-off act but……

Speaking of hilarity, all the members dressed up as ladies and performed idol songs with sharp dance moves, and the President delivered by singing the songs completely in falsetto. There were multiple times when it suddenly occurs to me “Eh, is it alright to do this?” but it’s alright, we can let it go. Because this is Camui♂Gakuen. Of course, there were mellow songs as well. Mr. Children’s「Dakishimetai」and Ayaka’s「Mikazuki」were performed full of emotion, especially「Mikazuki」which is supported with a profound band sound, the high pitched chorus was delivered without using falsetto. To think that a famous songstress’ song can be done so dramatically!

The usually annual X JAPAN copy was, as expected, a masterpiece. To the sounds of「PROLOGUE (~WORLD ANTHEM)」the members who were dressed as an early version of X JAPAN slowly got on stage to be on standby. Taking off and throwing away the long jacket, screams went up for the President, topless and with gold hair, who took the drums position. That’s right, with intense research, the President showed off a perfect copy of the super-fast and intense drumming of「X」, down YOSHIKI’s drumming style, movements, and gestures.

This is exactly what “Launched by GACKT, earnestly play!!” is. Be it laughter, song, dance, or performance, firmly having a hold on all forms of entertainment, no matter how small the detail the concept will hold true, delivering something of high quality. That is Camui♂Gakuen’s Gakuen Fest. This year, Camui♂Gakuen also took part in festivals held by VAMPS and Kishidan but, from here on they will go all out and attack the world, and I would like them to show the power of Camui♂Gakuen.

Source: rankingbox.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA