At the NicoNico Supreme party, GACKT presents 神威♂楽園, the descendant of Kobayashi Sachiko


It was held on October 25 the theatrical event『ニコニコ超パーティー』the largest Japanese video service, the NicoNico!
In the same day, on the stage, singers and dancers performed in a beautiful live performance, on the other side the stage for the play area.
Visitors were able to enjoy themselves since they were able to move freely in the areas from side to side.
On the stage was held GACKT presents 神威 ♂ 楽 園, with Sachiko Kobayashi and his descendant Mitsuru Matsuoka.
GACKT presented 神威 ♂ 楽 園 beautifying the beginning of the events on the stage.
Wearing a very stylish jacket, Camui GACKT, sang 10 songs including his hits and B’z’s medley.
The audience was excited about the songs and the speeches.
In addition, the singer of the video 「歌 っ て み た」 appeared, his voice is very similar to GACKT, they performed a duet.
Subsequently, in the first part of the video the others NicoNico’s artists arrived. Singers and dancers performed in their performances.
In the second part of the event Kobayashi Sachiko appeared. Mrs Kobayashi appeared with a long red dress, on the head of a giant snail and in the background a vocaloid song.
A performance so great thet was the most commented and the most appreciated by the audiences!
In addition, the session of the games and cosplay contest was held on the second stage, with many other events!

When the energy of the audience got superheated to the maximum levels, here it begins the third part of the event with Matsuoka.
This was the third time that Matsuoka has participated in this event, performing two vocaloid songs part.
His performance, full of energy, was much appreciated even in the event’s broadcasting. Moreover, Bokoniko and the wonderful NiCoNiCo’s Orchestra performed in another splendid performance.
In the fourth part of the event it was shown the Vocaloid’s live in 3D format. The first to appear was Hatsune Miku, who made room for the rest of the group, and once completed their group, the audience rose a great shout of joy!

In another stage dedicated to games, some videogames experts showed a video demonstration of some video games with NicoNico, making even play games from the old days and the latest generation.
For the large number of events and entertainment in this event, all the fans loved it. Especially those present at concerts in the early stages, who remained standing to cheer throughout the first part of the event!
At the end of the event the games area and the concert area merged, All the artists met and it showed the vocaloid song 「桜 ノ 雨」to everyone
The curtain falls on the 「ニ コ ニ コ 超 パ ー テ ィ ー 2015」, one of the greatest events that has been able to give to fans so much excitement and enthusiasm.
If you would like to see the stream of the event, you can do it up to 23.59 on November 26. Viewing the stream is very easy, just buy a ticket online and log into the site!

Tockets are available here

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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