Offline Meeting with F9 Members Confirmed!!

This is a news update.
It has been confirmed that after each of the respective “Dashitekudasai” performances there will be an offline meeting with the F9 members!!!
To the customers who are supporting our shops, a big thank you to you all 〜〜〜〜〜♪

Below are the respective stores’ offline meeting times, and number of students who will be accepted.
As there is a limit on the number of students to be accepted, make your reservations via phone for each of the stores before the deadline!

Let’s spend a wonderful evening with the F9 members!
Perhaps the Student Council President may even drop in by chance!?!?

For this reservation, please tell the shop that it’s「Camui Gakuen’s Offline Meeting」.
The price is 6,000 yen (with tax) per person.

So are you guys ready〜〜〜〜〜!?

※Participation is only available for members of G&LOVERS.
※When making your reservation, we will need your name, membership number, and contact information.
For those who do not know their membership numbers, please contact us through the below beforehand.
G&LOVERS mail customer【 】

28 Oct Osaka Branch School/Time 22:00〜24:00/Capacity 70 people
Toriaezu Gohei Osaka Chuo
Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Namba 4-7-14, Namba Hanshin Building B1 TEL:06-6649-8771
Application deadline 26 Oct, application time 15:00~24:00

31 Oct Hokkaido Branch School/Time 20:00〜22:00/Capacity 50 people
Heiroku Sushi Kikusui Motomachi
Hokkaido Sapporo-shi, Shiroishi-ku, Kikusui Motomachi 6 Jo 1-9-7 TEL:011-872-3366
Application deadline 26 Oct, application time 11:00~20:00

13 Nov Aichi Branch School/Time 20:00〜22:00/Capacity 80 people
Toriaezu Gohei Toyota Obayashi shop
Aichi Prefecture, Toyota-shi, Obayashicho 10-24-12 TEL:0565-71-5833
Application deadline 31 Oct, application time 15:00〜24:00

5 Nov Tokyo Branch School/Time 22:00〜24:00/Capacity 100 people
Jizakanaya Hamamatsucho shop
Tokyo, Minato, Hamamatsucho 1-25-13 TEL:050-7576-2877
Application deadline 2 Nov, application time 11:00~23:00

7 Nov Saitama Branch School/Time 20:00〜22:00/Capacity 70 people
Jizakanaya Omiya shop
Saitama Prefecture, Saitama-shi, Omiya-ku, Sakuragicho 1-5-7 TEL:048-648-1151
Application deadline 4 Nov, application time 15:00~4:00

11 Nov Fukuoka Branch School/Time 22:00〜24:00/Capacity 100 people
Toriaezu Gohei Meinohama shop
Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka-shi, Nishi-ku, Meinohama, Meinohamaekiminami 2-25-39 TEL:092-882-2552
Application deadline 8 Nov, application time 17:00~24:00


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA