Musician GACKT took part in the ‘Nestle Japan x Fukujuen’ new product launch event held in Tokyo.


For this event it has been announced that the capsule-form japanese tea ‘Kyo no artisan Fukujuen series’ produced by the joint effort of Nestle Japan and the long-established tea processing Kyoto company ‘Fukujuen’, founded 220 years ago pursuing the goal of realising ‘the perfect cup of tea’, and a special tea dedicated machine for capsule-form tea, 「SPECIAL.T」, that can select the most suitable temperature of the water and steem period, will be both on sale in the whole country from October the 15th.


GACKT that can proudly say he never failed once in the popular tv show ‘Genoujin kakuzuke chekku’ , took part at the event as ‘the man that can distinguish the true quality (of things)’ . “Japanese tea leaves are extremely delicate and when you are finally able to get some good tea leaves it all gets ruined because you are not able to prepare them well. Once you get into tea you can’t escape it” said GACKT in his passionate speech.


After trying both the Gyokuru tea prepared by a Tea ceremony master and the one prepared by the ‘SPECIAL.T’ machine GACKT said “It’s really difficult to distinguish them, the quality is really high!” with a surprised expression on his face praising the quality of the ‘SPECIAL.T’ made tea flavour. “I can easily distinguish poor quality things. It’s incredible they were able to achieve this much.” said, sharing his opinion on the quality of the tea machine that by pressing a single button allows you to taste ‘the perfect cup of tea’. “Japanese tea has a deep meaning, I want many more people to have a taste of the reale tea flavour.”


When he is told that Fukuyama Masaru and Kazue Fukiishi had announced their marriage “I think this was a shocking news for many girls but, being able to walk together (with someone special) is really a beautiful thing. With their first meeting and their long-term relationship, (marriage) is like a new start, it’s an incredible thing. I hope everything goes well (between the 2 of them), and if I have the chance to meet them I’d like to express my congratulations ” said giving his blessing.


After this the topic moved to his own love life. “I’d like to have someone introduced to me….” he lamented . “I’d like to say that I have a girlfriend but, we parted a long time ago so…” said with a bitter smile appearing on his face, “If you strongly feel like sharing the same path together with someone you love maybe you’ll think it’s the right time to get married, but it’s fine to stay as you are if you don’t feel like it, either way, I’m not that obsessed with marriage. The important thing is the feelings you have each other.” and also shared his own idea of marriage, “Due to work it’s impossible to be always together so, I’d like to cherish the time we share together. That’s why I don’t like girls that use their phone during meals. I think it’s beautiful to have a girl that enjoys the time you share together.”


Furthermore, on October 2 and 3, at Tokyo midtown shibafu plaza you’ll be able to enjoy the ‘SPECIAL.T’ made ‘perfect cup of tea’ at the ‘Kyo no artisan garden salon’ . During the event, other then the transparent tea room like in the one in the picture of their web site, in the big capsule space,you’ll be introduced to the experience of the ‘perfect cup of tea’ made by tea masters,and you’ll also receive the guidance of a tea time coordinator about the right combination of tea and tea cakes to match the mood of the day, for an event that will make you experience new sensations.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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