GACKT: I’m giving my blessing to the newely wed, Fukuyama and Fukishi. “As far as I’m concertned? I’m not so interested in marriage!”


GACKT smiling after giving his blessing for the wedding between Fukuyama Masaru and Fukishi Kazue.

GACKT, our beloved singer, on September 29th, participated at the launch of the new product for Nestlé Japan, the newest machine for capsle tea, the “SPECIAL. T”.
They also asked information about the wedding of the famous actress Fukishi Kazue and singer/actor Fukuyama Masaru to which he replied: “I think that they are both wonderful! I hope they can cherish one another!”.
GACKT asked about wedding he answered maliciously: “Me? I wish there was someone else. Or rather, there isn’t anyone to introduce to me?”

GACKT, about Fukuyama’s wedding commented with a smile on his face: “I’m happy he got married” “Woman all over the world will be shocked but I think you did an amazing thing! After a meeting so amazing, to see love be born is really a wonderful thing, I hope you can love each other for long time! This will be your new beginning!”.
Furthermore he commented: “I think I want to find love anyway. These are my blessings words I want to give to you. I also want to give you my most sincere congratulations for you wonderful meeting!”

Afterwards talking about himself he said with an ironic smile: “It has been a long time since I broke up. But I don’t have the need to find love yet”, “But I really wish I could spend some time with someone when I wake up, I feel so alone”.
About his ideal woman: “I wish I could have a smart woman, I like women with many qualities”.
He was asked about a possible next wedding and he replied with an ironic smile: ” I’m not so interested in wedding! I think love should just be real, conventions are useless. The most important thing is the feeling itself”.

In this same day, Nestlé Japan, to celebrate the 220 years since the foundation of the tea company, in Kyoto, “Fukujuen” has also presented the new machine for capsule tea “SPECIAL.T.My T”. GACKT appeared at the venue as “A true expert in this matter”. The「My T.」will be put on sale nation wide since October 15th.

Source: Mantan Web

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team