After about a year here is the exclusive delivery of the new single on!

On  October 7th GACKT will release his new single ARROW」 which will be available for delivery exclusively on our site Dwango.JP from the midnight on September 28th!
GACKT, on the occasion of the international tour that will start next spring GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」, breaks the silence after about a year of waiting and he said he would release a preview of 46 copies of his new single ARROW !
Without forgetting his LAST VISUALIVE, GACKT has decided to approach to the medieval ballad genre.

On Dwango.JP site you can exceptionally download the new single from midnight of September 28th, until midnight on 11th October, and with the choice of the signed poster, three people will also have the honor to win the postcard autographed by GACKT!

(The signature on the poster will be a pen, instead the signature on the postcards will be printed!)

In addition, the same day of the release, please note that the new program will begin on NicoSei!
You can follow us from Ikebukuro to ニ コ ぶ く ろ ス タ ジ オ” NicoBukuro Stadium at 19:00 you will be able to see Yamada Hisashi give us information about the new varietyニ コ ラ ジ NicoRaji , while at 21:00 GACKT will also participate in the music programニ コ び じ ゅ Nico Biju“.
During the airing of ニ コ び じ ゅ」 NicoBiju”, it will be aired live for the first time in the world the music video for the new single ARROW」!

Finally after a year of waiting, the new GACKT’single will  be finally released on world premiere! If you book it on September 28th you will also enjoy the fantastic music video!

On August 7th, 2010 the new single ARROW」 will be released
To download from click here:

ーーー Live broadcasts NicoNico” —————

■Program Name: NicoRaji Monday★GACKT’s new single release!Ready to break through!
■Broadcast:September 28th(Mon)19:00~20:00
■M C : Yamada Hisashi
■Official streaming site :

■Program Name:【The return of GACKT】Special NicoBiju~The new music video will be broadcast all over the world!~Special guest GACKT at NicoBiju
■Broadcast:September 28th(Mon)21:00~22:30
■M C : Hoshino Takuya
■Official streaming site:

Source: GACKT Official Facebook

Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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