GACKT’s new single ARROW to be released on October the 7th, will be on sales on only starting September the 28th from 00:00!
GACKT, that has announced a new nationl tour, 「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」, due to start next spring, broke a whole year silence and finally announced the release of the 46th single, ARROW.
This song, a mid-ballad very GACKT-like, will make you experience the feeling of the LAST VISUALIVE, and make you unable to forget it.

You’ll be able to download it only on from September the 28th starting midnight till October the 11st, 23:59, and there will also be a lottery to select 3 winners of a special autographed poster, and for all participant there will be an autographed card!
(The autograph on the poster is GACKT’s own handwriting, while the one on the postcard is printed)

And also, to celebrate the release of the song, on the very day September the 28th, has been decided a live performance on Nico live program.
At the studios in Hikebukuro, “Nicobukuro studios” will have a live broadcast, starting 19:00 pm, with Yamada Hisashi as MC on [Nico Radio], and also, starting 21.00 pm, on [Nico Visual], the only Visual Kei music source, were GACKT will make a special apperance.
On [Nico visual], ARROW music video will be presented to the world for the first time so don’t miss this chance to check it out!

On september the 28th get the new song before anyone else and enjoy the Music Video, the first one after almost a year and immerse yourself in GACKT’s world.

2015.10.7 Release 46th Single『ARROW』 Download here

■Program Name :Nico Radio Monday★Special Live performance to celebrate the release of GACKT’s new single!Break☆Through appearance!
■M C : Yamada Hisashi
■Program URL :

■Program name:【GACKT Live performance】 Nico visual special program~New single MV world release!~Nico visual GACKT special program
■M C : Hoshino Takuya
■Program URL:


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team