“Jo~ netsu no~ oresama~
torimodo~ se~…” (Jounestu no Inazuma)

… Yes, hello.

It’s been awhile… How are you?
Give me a moment.
Because right now I’m headed towards an event venue…

Thanks for waiting.
I’m in a car now.

“When you said event venue, what event venue is it?”
… you ask…

2015-blomaga109-01 2015-blomaga109-02

Well, right now
there have been press releases on Nestle until now.
Do you know about the Future Cafe?

It’s quite interesting, here.

“What kind of press releases??”
… you ask…

The announcement about me signing a comprehensive contract with Nestle,
Nestle’s Dolce Gusto announcement,
and also the commemorative opening event of the Future Cafe.

2015-blomaga109-03 2015-blomaga109-042015-blomaga109-05

it feels like an announcement about various things put together.

“What’s the comprehensive contract?”
… you ask……

Well it’s got a lot in it.
The comprehensive contract means,
that “they will work with me and back me up
for my activities from here on!”
That’s what’s in the contract.


2015-blomaga109-06 2015-blomaga109-07

There has never been
a contract of this kind
between an artiste and one if the world’s leading companies before.
Well, it’s the first of it’s kind in the world.

“Does that mean that it’s something that’s super super amazing!!”
… you say…

I just said it!
It’s really amazing.
Recording companies completely
don’t provide the money anymore.


Because this isn’t the era of selling CDs.
no matter what we do we need money.
That’s why,
in reality, to sign a contract for my activities
where they are put
in the form of “supporting a business”
really holds a lot of meaning.

“Do music activities really use up that much money?”
… you ask…

It does!
Especially when you’re talking about doing a world tour
that really costs a lot.
In my case, because I won’t be using the local staff
but my Japanese staff when I go around the world,
it costs even more.


recording companies can no longer
give me back up to that extent.

recording companies that say “I’d want to make the activities as small
as possible…”
have even appeared and are the worst.

isn’t that exactly what putting the horse before the cart is…


Nowadays all the recording companies are shabby…
In these 10 years,
without bringing up the market,
they’re only selling CDs,
the result is that
when you lift the lid, the music scene is shrinking.
What’s always important
is building a foundation for the next 10 to 20 years.
This is happening because
they’re always chasing after the short-term.
It’s just pathetic.

“Could it be that this time
you came back to Japan for this?”
… you ask…

That’s right.
I came back because of this announcement.
I just arrived at Haneda yesterday.

2015-blomaga109-15 2015-blomaga109-16 2015-blomaga109-17

Since I arrived in the morning had meetings all the way,
then went for a haircut as I was
and I also got a new colour.

It got cut a little too short though.


From here,
I figured a short-haired image would be refreshing.
I’m kinda sick of the long-haired image.

I went with the celeb short.

“Which country did you come back from?”
… you ask…

2015-blomaga109-19 2015-blomaga109-20 2015-blomaga109-21

This time I came back from Phuket.
Because I took quite a liking to it
I thought to go have a look around
and explore Phuket
for a bit.

I did some stuff including market research.

“You’re staying in Thailand?”
… you ask…

Yeah, now,
I’m thinking if I should stay in Thailand.
I’m looking around, at various things.
Since there are many good points.
There’s vibrancy too, it’s fun.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team