Has been revealed that on September the 28th from 21:00 pm, GACKT will appear in public live broadcast of the Visual-kei talk show “Nico Visual” that takes place at the Ikebukuro P’PARCO NicoNico main office, NicoBukuro studios.

The program will feature a [Nico Visual personal history SHOW] regarding, GACKT’s roots and private life, the behind the scenes photos corner, and the corner were anyone who wishes to have advices from GACKT, or has something troubling him will be collected and GACKT will give his reply during the program. ANd more, it has been decided that during the program will also broadcast the music video of GACKT’s new single “Arrow” on sales from October the 7th. This time, the video was shooted in one day, in a mountain scenery during an incredibly hot midsummer day, and contains also some great fighting scenes so that the final results turned out to be incredible. Furthermore, to match his appearance in the program, on September the 28th from midnight on, will start the pre-distribution of “ARROW” through Dwango.Jp.

To watch the program a numbered ticket is necessary so be careful. Details below.

■ Program details
Nico visual [GACKT special]
2015/9/28 (mon) from 21:00 to 22:30
Guest: GACKT / MC: Hoshino Takuya

At the end of the program on “NicoVisual channel” there will be a special broadcast for members only

*To watch the program a numbered ticket is necessary.
Only people that have a subscription with 「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」 Nico Nico Channel can request the ticket.
To request it use the following link
Application Deadline 2015/9/23 / 23:59

■ Pre-distribution of the 46th single “ARROW”
2015/9/28 (mon) from 00:00 through Dwango.Jp.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team