28 September 2015 (Mon) Starts 21:00 (JPT) Nico Biju【GACKT Special Episode!】

Program Information

NicoNico Live Broadcast’s Visual Kei program,「Nico Biju」
will be broadcasting live from NicoNico headquarters satellite studio「Nico-bukuro Studio」!!

With Hoshino Takuya (Hoshitaku) as the MC,
from already hugely popular bands to bands with promising upcoming activities,
this is a talk variety show that always features great artistes!

This time…
That GACKT will descend on Nico Biju!

For the program, we would like everyone to send in things they want to ask GACKT-san and worries you would like to share with him!
Maybe GACKT-san will really solve your worries during the program!?
Don’t hesitate to send them in via the program HP’s submission form! We eagerly await them!
Click here to get from mobile version to the program’s mail submission form

★Secret Corner
After the main section of the program ends, there will be a secret corner
that only members of the channel can tune in to!

With regards to watching the program

(Please check)
【With regards to program watching (on-site)】
■This program will be broadcasting from Ikebukuro’s P’PARCO“Nico-bukuro Studio”.
A ticket is required to watch the program.
It will be for members of NicoNico Channel「OH!! MY!! GACKT!!」.
If you wish to become a member, please refer to the below.
・One person may only get one ticket each.
・Please note that your tickets will be invalid if you apply for multiple tickets.
■On the occasion that there are many applicants, who gets the ticket will be decided by lottery.
■As the notification mail telling you if you won the ticket will be delivered to you on 24 September, please access it yourself to check.
■The ticket number is decided randomly.
■As the ticket will come in the form of a QR code, the ticket number will be the number above the QR code.
■Application page http://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/01d3x3xrkmiw.html
■Application period ends 23 September 2015 23:59 (JPT)

【With regards to participating in program watching (on-site)】
・Those who have won the viewing tickets have to come to the front entrance of Ikebukuro’s P’PARCO on 28 September (Mon).
・Please follow the staff’s instructions and line up according to your ticket numbers.
・As we will conduct authentication in sequence, please wait with the ticket’s QR code on the screen of your phone.
・Entry into the viewing are will start at 20:50.
・Those who arrive after the timing when we start entering the viewing area will have to join the back of the queue.
・Please avoid queuing up before 20:30.
・Please note that the holding of this event may change or stop depending on the artiste’s situation.
・We expect confusion on the actual day. Please follow the instructions of the attendant for safety.
・Please prepare rain gear, cold prevention equipment or others in the case where viewing occurs outdoors.

※This program will be using a new player from NicoNico Broadcast that is only workable on PC.
If anything has been noticed, please send in your requests and comments.

For your requests and comments regarding the new player, please go through here ⇒ Submission form

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Source: Nico Nico

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team