Amazing collaboration! The first day of Kishidan Expo is closed!


The「Kishidan Expo 2015 ~ In Boso city! The dispute is now open! It will be an unparalleled fight! 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-02Are you ready?! Let’s go! Let’s get crazy!~ Presented by Shimizo Group Corporation」 was held in Chiba at the stage on the sea Sodegaura yesterday, September 19th.

This year has been organized the fourth edition of the Kishidan Expo at the Sodegaura park on the sea. The first day, very sunny, opened with the appearance of DISH// who, presenting himself with a costume that left his back opened, said: “I don’t have money to by a costume”, they started their performance with the song「サイショの恋~モテたくて~」,  2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-03meaning “The first love is the best”, and they performed with their new single 「俺たちルーキーズ」, “Our recruits” on the Kishida stage. The show continued with the Morimoto Arashi appearance and his song「どうなってんだい JESUS」, “How did it end, Jesus?”,
the singe Kiryuin Sho(Vocalist / Golden bomber)together with Morioni, he sang「サヨナラは歩き出す」, “I walk after our goodby”. Furthermore, Ayanokoji Sho also appeared(Dragon Voice / Kishidan), whom with the background of「One Night Carnival」sand the T-BOLAN song「離したくはない」, “I don’t wanna loose you” Together with 3 more people.

2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-04Once Moritomo’s performance finished, here Moriyama Naotaro appearing on stage. Moriyama, entering in a moment of pause, he remembered the old edition of the Kishidan Expo and he choose to homage everyone singing a very representative song 「さくら」, “Sakura”.

At his track「生きる(って言い切る)」, “I live (so I say)” Star Grand Marnier also participated (星グランマニエ)(G / Kishidan), who said hello to the audience with a cute sound. After the official opening of the event from Moriyama, Go Hiromi also appeared on stage, 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-05singing「GOLDFINGER ’99」,「お嫁サンバ」”The samba bride” and 「2億4千万の瞳」”200 and then other 40 million eyes”.
Thanks to his warm and stinging voice the audience started to go suddenly wild, until his repertoire ended accompanied by the audience’s hands all in the air.

Sendai Kamotsu, famous dancer, came to the scene with a red suit and started the live calling out for「サタデーナイトゲイバー」”Saturday Night in the Gay Bar”. For the song「うまなみで。」”A Umanami” dancers Chiba (Vo) and Satie (G) arrived going through a flowered path. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-06
Afterwards the performance started with Furukawa Mirin drum warming the atmosphere quite a lot. “So how is it going??!” “Let’s go wild!”. The atmosphere went hot with his newest single「あした地球がこなごなになっても」, “Even if the earth should end tomorrow”.

In the restaurant area at the DJ booth, NoGod started his performance. In the first day the performed songs were:2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-07「恋愛レボリューション21」, “The 21st revolution of love”,「チバイズム~手ぬぐいを脱がさないで~」, “Chibazoom, don’t  remove the rubber gloves”. Afterwards, on the same
stage Golden Bomber appeared. Kiyatake Yutaka (Gita -) with the notes of「抱きしめてシュヴァルツ」, “Let’s hug the trees” caught a rolling ball with his mouth calling it “The super ball of safety”.
Furthermore, Kenji Darwish (Doramu) lifted weights, while he was pulling them up, his clothes were descending till he was left with his underwear, creating an hilarious situation.

2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-08At the live of the song「千葉で“ヤンキー怖い”って言ってみたい」, “I’d want to tell Chiba that I am afraid of the Yankee”, Kyuso NekoKami, added to the text「DQNなりたい、40代で死にたい」, “I’d want to become a DQN and die at 40”.
In the middle of the performance a tent was prepared, and Yamasaki Seiya (Vo, G)said「Yankee really exist and we need to be scared!」.

Once the tent was lowered, Yamasaki dressed as Akiko Wada and on the background the song「あの鐘を鳴らすのはあなた」, 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-09“You are the sound of my ringbell” started. In that moment, Yamasaki dressed as the famous singer was very appreciated by the audience. Afterwards here appeared Minato Kaoru (46) who started making very funny speeches till she started singing classical songs:「ウィリアム・カウパー」 “William the cowboy”,「押忍!てまん部」”As you wish, mister Teman!”.

In the middle of the performance, the distructive (Vo) put himself in the audience and started throwing slippers everywhere, putting up a performance to catch the eye of the audience.
2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-10Kei Yasuda, Mari Yaguchi, Ishigawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi and Nigaki Risa, formed the group 「モーニング娘」, meaning “Daughters of the day”. They sang the same songs presented earlier, 「恋のダンスサイト」”The website of love”,「LOVEマシーン」”Love Machine”, and 「恋愛レボリューション21」”The 21st revolution of love”.

The girls were able to mix dance and their candid voice, making also their listeners dance. ROLLY & HEESEY sand Scanch pieces:「恋のマジックポーション」”The magic potion of Love” and furthermore「たどりついたらいつも雨ふり」”And you join me under the rain”, from mobs. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-11
In the middle of the show, wearing a blond afro wig, Yoshii Kazuya appeared. As soon as he arrived, he started the song THE YELLOW MONKEY「LOVE LOVE SHOW」, and the Sadistic Mike band song 「タイムマシンにおねがい」”Please give me a time machine”.

In the DJ area the ShachiHoko team arrived with the notes of the song「喧嘩上等」, “Choosing to fight”. While without resting they performed「シャンプーハット」”Shampoo hat”,「そこそこプレミアム」”Maybe I’ll be almost premium” and「ちぐはぐ・ランナーズ・ハイ」”Running high speed”. While the song「トリプルセブン」”Triple seve” was being performed, Sakura Nao climbed on the DJ booth and started to sing from there. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-12

Afterward, on the main stage, VAMPS continued singing「LIPS」&「AHEAD」songs pushing the music at its max and creating a dark atmosphere.
初回から出演している彼らは The group L’Arc-en-Ciel stayed on that stage from the beginning of the event, so that they could link the pauses between the concert. Furthermore after them, Inoltre dopo di loro, HYDE(Vo, G)screamed at the top of his lungs towards the audience「Even if you are far away, make yourself be heard!」「Kishidan Expo!」. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-13The scene moves again towards the DJ booth, where DANJI appeared, celebrating 10 years from his debut! Since in the second part of the show the time for each performance was less, it was presented the speed up version of the song 「甘い眩暈」”Sweet vertigo”, making the audience  laugh silently.
Continuing, on the main stage GACKT presented his 神威♂楽園 “Camui Gakuen”, letting all the members of the group on stage one by one with the school theme on the background. The audience cried out loud「GACKT!」, and if front of everyone’e eyes GACKT said his name was Camui Gakuto and that he was the Student Council President. The answer wasn’t a normal yes as everyone expected, at the question about the presence of the school rules then, the answer wasn’t a simple yes but a certainly. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-14Furthermore he said that the only rule is not to give yes as an order, but “yes sir!”. After the GLAY mashup「口唇」”Lips” and 「誘惑」”Temptation” applied to the Kishidan’s song「One Night Carnival」they transformed it in “One Nightの口唇の誘惑のCarnival” ” The temptation of lips in a one night carnival”, the sentence「ウルトラソウル!」”Ultra Soul” furthermore, was divided word by word at the end of the song, making the audience laugh a lot.

2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-15In the first day of the festival also the Kishidan Expo organization participated. After the performance of the songs「喧嘩上等」”The choice to fight”,「俺達には土曜日しかない」”For us it exist only Saturday”,「木更津サリー」”Sally Kizaratsu”, the MC member, Ayano Koji shouted out to the audience「Everywhere I look from here, I can’t see the city anymore. This is because there are so many people here!」. After introducing the band member, Ayanokoji, called MoriYama Naotaro on stage, and started singing together with him the song 「ライバルズ」”Rivals” , who saw them featuring  together already in the past. Furthermore, together with the Team ShachiHoko they sang the song of モーニング娘 “Daughters of the day”,「Don’t Feel,Think!!」.
Together at the OG various artist got together and performed the「恋人」”Lovers” song. 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-16
Furthermore, once the song  「ゆかいな仲間たち」”Pleasurable friends” was over, Ayanokoji ended the song thanking the audience and the guests:「I thank all of you very much to have come here in our city!」.

At the request of the encore all members changed, wearing a sporty jacket and appeared again on stage. Ayanokoji said:「I wish to invite here the Student council President」to call back on stage “Camui Gakuto” and the Golden Bomber till they didn’t appear. Once Camui Gakuto arrived he said:「Ah I have to be here too?!」and after this everyone started to sing「One Night Carnival」. Also the audience ended up dancing! 2015-sett20-KishidanBanpaku-Nataliemu-17Furthermore with the arrival of Camui Gakuto and the Golden Bomber, Sendai Kamotsu from Chiba, the dj NoGod, were also called on stage with ASKA and CHAGE’s「YAH YAH YAH」 as a background.
Once Saber entered, also the “Ostrich club” group appeared, and everyone screamed with the audience with a choir:「YAH YAH YAH」. When the rival collaboration ended, the artists joined a countdown with the audience and fireworks took place. After all this the “Ostrichclub” group take word and sceamed「All together, Ya!!」and together with the whole staff they screamed again in honor of the festival. With this the first day of the Kishidan Expo ended.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team