<< Cutting in with the latest news >>
Camui Gakuen cutting in with the lastest news again and again.
Well~, Kishidan Banpaku was really exciting!!
And, Camui Gakuen’s light music club [SEX.JAPAN] was a big success!!!
With the upbeat Student Council President and the F9 members, and everyone’s loud cheers, it was the best~
Thanksies to everyone who came to KishiDan Banpaku~!
Today’s Camui Gakuen’s light music club [SEX JAPAN] is just one part*
A little bit of this and that…~
Everyone just look out for Camui Gakuen’s Gakuen Fest
and look forward to it more and more!!
It’ll definitely be super fun~
Well then~ we welcome you too to Camui Gakuen

Camui Gakuen HP https://www.gackt.com/page/camuiG/index.html

And – further – more!!
If you register as a member
of the Student Council President’s beloved GACKT’s fanclub [G&LOVERS] , you’ll be able to receive special gifts when you come!
You can even get the Camui Gakuen student identification card!!
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Source: GACKT Official Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team