On the 15th, musician GACKT attended the「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe」Opening Event held in Tokyo.


GACKT tried coffee brewed by the new model「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP」which was launched on the same day and gave it a big thumbs up, saying「Because I am always able to drink it fresh, and anyway it has a good aroma! It’s delicious」. He also revealed that he was unexpectedly bad at coffee in the past, saying「When I went to France, everyone looked so cool drinking it…… Since I’ve been finally able to drink it after these 5 years, I’ve also become particular about it, I’ve become one of the adults(laughs)」.


Also, at the event, the main collaborations to be implemented of a「comprehensive agreement」between GACKT and Nestle Japan was announced, mainly his involvement in「Odoru Dai SendenKaigi Season 2」which is scheduled for release in October, in late November he will be releasing a music video and image song for DROP, a campaign in March 2016 which comprises of a free download of one of GACKT’s songs from his new album only for Nestle Members through Nestle Amuse, and sponsorship for the nationwide tour starting in the March as well.


GACKT shared his thoughts enthusiastically,「Right now, times are changing. We’re entering a new era where artistes can not only work with recording companies, but they can also tie-up with businesses and attempt new challenges. Using my ideals as a musician as an example, I hope to be able to deliver surprising things to everyone through my activities from here on」, his eyes shone as he continued「I would like to show how far one can penetrate into the international market as a Japanese」.


Note, at the「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe」 which will operate for a limited time between 16 and 23 September at NesCafe Shinjuku, Tokyo, aside from the usual enjoyment of the cafe menu that is the pride of Nestle, there are attractions featuring drones and projection mapping, and in addition, you will be hosted by the world’s first emotion-sensitive humanoid robot「Pepper」and staff dressed in a futuristic costume, establishing itself as a new, different-than-usual “Future Cafe”(※ closed on the 19th).


GACKT, who was the first customer at this cafe, said「In any case, I would like as many people as possible to come and experience this and feel the future. Come down to the “Future Cafe” in real life, taste the flavours with your own tongue, and you’ll understand that no matter what this deliciousness cannot be conveyed over the internet. I would like to everyone to first try it」. With that appeal, the event was concluded.

Source: entameplex.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team