「The Man who Knows the Difference」GACKT’s Seal of Approval – Experience Nestle’s Capsule Coffee

From 16 September, within 「NesCafe Shinjuku」(Shinjuku, Tokyo), Nestle Japan will open the 「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe」where you can experience the future of cafe service. It will operate for a limited time only until 23 September (with the exception of 19 September).

At the announcement event held before opening, artiste GACKT-san visited the cafe as it’s first guest. He experienced the Future Cafe, and shared his thoughts.

Capsule-form Cafe System 「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP」

The shop is opening in celebration of the launch of the new model from the capsule-form cafe system 「NesCafe Dolce Gusto」, 「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP」(13,704 yen – without tax).

DROP, which is based off the image of the last drop of coffee falling into a cup, it has a futuristic design which makes it able to be decoratively incorporated as part of a home’s interior. Just by using its special capsule set, anyone can brew a cup of coffee, cappuccino, cocoa, Uji Matcha, and more. Equipped with a function that automatically stops dispensing depending on the amount of hot water selected on the menu through a touch screen, one can always enjoy the taste of professionally prepared coffee.

Within the shop, one can experience drones in real life and use the「Touch&Try Corner」. At just 500 yen (with tax), you may enjoy a free flow of any of the 12 flavours available including「Regular Coffee」「Espresso」「Cappuccino」「Latte Macchiato」on the cafe menu, and「Uji Matcha」which is sold exclusively in Hokkaido only.

The author also tried out the DROP in real life. Set in the capsule, then select the amount to dispense using the touch screen. Once the button is pressed, in approximately 15 seconds, aromatic coffee has been delivered. The aroma was similar to that of coffee that was made with freshly roasted beans. Espresso that has been extracted using pressure, together with dense milk foam, a faintly sweet taste could be felt.

In the same shop, aside from using the humanoid robot「Pepper」to introduce the menu and how to use DROP, drones in the shape of DROP are also flying around in the shop. Furthermore, it has been published that projection mapping will be used for animation, with everything coming together to serve customers with state of the art technology. The flight of drones and the use of projection mapping will be between 13;00 and 18;00 daily at every half an hour (except for 19 September).

GACKT「It tastes better than the coffee I make myself」

At the announcement event, GACKT, also known as「the man who knows the difference」took the stage. GACKT-san, upon drinking the coffee brewed by DROP, commented「Recently I’ve taken to making my own coffee but, considering the depth of flavour and freshness, I can honestly say that DROP’s (coffee) tastes better」.

「When talking about the true taste of coffee, its about how well we can preserve its fresh flavour. Even if you use good coffee beans, once it oxidises it won’t taste nice. In that sense, you can understand that it is important to be always able to drink it in its fresh state」he said, explaining the appeal of the capsules.

Source: news.mynavi.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team