GACKT is Presently in Search of a Girlfriend 「Women have to control men well」

Open for a limited time between 16th and 23rd September at ”NesCafe Shinjuku” is the 『NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe』. GACKT made an appearance to celebrate its opening.

GACKT, who revealed that he was bad at drinking coffee just 5 years ago, said with a smile 「I practiced drinking it everyday in France 」. As he started becoming particular about the coffee he drinks after getting used to it, when he goes overseas, he says 「my niece makes a cup of coffee for me in the mornings 」 and added 「it tastes best when I do it myself」, further expressing the firmness of his particularities.

When asked 「what if it wasn’t your niece but your beloved who makes it? 」, he said 「If it were made by someone I loved I would be happy but, I can’t really find someone like that. It would be nice if such a girl could appear for me 」, revealing that he was in search of a girlfriend. He said 「There are many married people who don’t know how to express that partnership well, women have to control men well 」, seemingly implying that he has his particularities towards women as well.

At the event, the emotion-sensitive humanoid robot 『Pepper』 also appeared and shook hands with GACKT. He expressed an interest, saying 「It is exciting to think that in 5 to 10 years they (robots)may become a part of a family 」. GACKT shared his own ambitious vision of the future, saying 「As small island countries are still struggling, I want to try and see how much of the international market can be gained as a Japanese」, and also made shout-out 「I would also like the younger generation to jump out into the world 」.

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Source: Japan.techinsight

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team