Just 5 Years Ago, GACKT couldn’t Drink Coffee 「I practiced everyday」

On the 15th, singer GACKT attended the 『NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP  Future Cafe 』 opening event in Tokyo. GACKT said 「In the past, I couldn’t drink coffee. I wasn’t good at it 」. He then revealed, 「When I went to France, everyone looked so cool drinking it, that I practiced everyday. I’m finally able to drink it after these 5 years 」.

Since getting used to drinking coffee, he said 「I’ve become particular about it, it’s become my way of it 」. Now, his craftsmanship has grown and instead of a cup of coffee prepared by a maid, he said「It tastes better if I do it myself 」. He also said 「I’m impressed by how deep coffee is. I’ve become one of the adults 」.

Also, with regards to the existence of “a girl who can make good coffee”, he said with a sigh 「It would be nice if I had a girlfriend who can. I can’t really find one like that 」.

Nestle’s new coffee machine 「Nestle Dolce Gusto DROP 」 goes on sale from today. In celebration of this, a “Future Cafe” will operate at NesCafe Shinjuku in Tokyo for a limited time from 16th September to 23 September. GACKT, who was the first customer at this cafe said with delight 「I like new things like this 」.

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Source: oricon.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team