G&LOVERS Members’ Early Bookings

Application for <Premium Seats>

※For each applying member,
<FC limited> 9 March (Wed) Misato Performance: 1 ticket per person,
other performances: 2 tickets per person.

STEP1 Apply for tickets

【Application period】 10 September (Thu) 12:00 ~ 24 September (Thu) 18:00

Application Number
This number will be need for confirmation of balloting results and others. After application is completed, the number will be shown to you. Please do take note of it.

E-mail Settings
Please adjust your email settings to allow receipt of e-mails from 「」.

Confirmation of Application Details
Please login to 「申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) 」 to check your details.
※After you complete your application, an e-mail will be sent out but as it is possible that late delivery or non-delivery may occur, in such a case, you must confirm your details via the 「申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) 」.

Cancellation or Modifications
You may do so through the 「申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) 」 only during the application period. Please understand that cancellations (withdrawal of payment) or changes cannot be made once you’ve gotten your tickets.

STEP2 Confirmation of Balloting Results

【Confirmation period for balloting results】30 September (Wed) 13:00 ~ 3 October (Sat) 18:00
申込み状況照会(Application Status Inquiry)

How to Confirm Balloting Results
Please login to [申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) ] within the confirmation period to do so.
※To login, you will need the 「電話番号 (Telephone number) 」 which your provided during application and the 「受付番号(数字4桁) {Application number – 4 digits} 」 which you received when applying.
※You will be informed about the balloting results via e-mail but as it is possible that late delivery or non-delivery may occur, please do login to [申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) ] to confirm.

STEP3 Payment

【Settlement period】 30 September (Wed) 13:00 ~ 4 October (Sun) 21:00

◆Please select your preferred method of payment at the time of registration/application.

Credit card (Settlement to be made once tickets have been won)
Family Mart
Pay-Easy’s ATM

STEP4 Receive Tickets

【How to collect the tickets you have won】
They will be delivered by Yamato Transport security package.
There will be an additional delivery fee of 648 yen. ※It will be included with the payment you make upon winning the tickets.
It will be delivered to the address you provided during application 3 weeks before the performance date.

————————————————– Important Notes ————————————————–

◆ Please understand beforehand that the customer’s personal details are used by e+ (E-Plus) for for the scope of business of conducting ticket sales smoothly. It should also be noted that disclaimers with regards to e+’s (E-Plus) usage of personal information have been published on the company’s PC/mobile site.
◆ As it may not work depending on your environment, please check [システム・利用環境について(With regards to system/usage environment) ] in advance.
◆ System maintenance will be conducted on every month’s 1st and 3rd Thursday from JPT 02:00 until JPT 08:00. During this time, registration, payment, and receipt services will be unavailable.
◆ If you lose connection with the internet while applying, your application will not be considered as complete. In such a case, please check in the [申込み状況照会 (Application Status Inquiry) ].
◆ We thank you for purchasing your tickets through official sales channels (performance organiser, official ticketing agency by the organiser, fan club etc.). With regards to tickets purchased through means aside from the official sales channels, we cannot guarantee their validity. Also, we strictly prohibit the purchase of tickets with the intention of making a profit. If you have been found to commit such a violation, we will take strict action such as withdrawing your membership or disposal of your tickets.
◆ During application, the pre-order system (lottery system) of ticket sales company e+ (E-Plus) will be utilised. This will not be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Everything, including seating areas, will be based on the lottery system.
◆ For everyone who have signed up during the application period, the seating areas and whether or not you get the tickets will be carefully decided by the system. This means that the time at which you submit your application does not matter at all. Please avoid the possible congestion which may occur right after the application period begins and right before it ends. Please remember to apply within the application period.


For inquiries that have not been included in the above, please click here


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team