Start of GACKT × VARTIX × SHELLAC’s final orders for September!

We have started accepting orders for the below 11 items.

① Long Coat
② Banded Collar Leather Jacket
③ L/S V-Neck Pullover
④ Asymmetric Zip Leather Jacket
⑤ High Neck Leather Jacket
⑥ Dress Shirt
⑦ Crinkle Print Shirt
⑧ S/S V-Neck Tee
⑨ S/S U-Neck Tee
⑩ Drape Cardigan
⑪ narrow tie

①~③ are new items.
All items are of limited quantites and orders will cease following this September’s orders.

Order period ends:24 September at 18:00 (JPT)

Purchases of GACKT × VARTIX × SHELLAC goods above 30,000 yen this September will entitle you to receive a novelty T-shirt as a present!
Each buyer may only receive 1.

For more details, please check out the GACKT STORE.

GACKT STORE(Japan only)



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team