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【Delivered thrice a month】

A pleasant aroma spreads.
I tried roasting mushrooms at home.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve been back in Japan
I want to eat things which have a certain quality only available in Japan.


For the first time in awhile,
I roasted HOKUTO’s『shimofuri hiratake (marbled oyster mushrooms)』
over charcoal and had them.
That’s right,
it’s the one I did a TV commercial for.

I’m eating it because it’s something I really like.
And that became part of my work.
There’s nothing that can be happier than this.


With the charcoal roasted marbled oyster mushrooms
I sprinkled a little lemon over them before eating them.
An indescribable deliciousness spreads in my mouth.

The production of foodstuff with a commitment to it
is something that I hope will grow and become an important part
of the people who are involved in Japan’s agriculture industry.

that is something that
more and more Japanese should seek.



I want to believe that the level of the Japanese people’s
taste for food is quite high.
many Japanese have become used to food
that is filled with chemical compounds and additives,
without these, they feel like something is missing.



Your body is your capital.
Your body is a capital that has no replacement.
No matter how much money you have,
no matter how much time you have,
once you destroy your body, you’re doomed.

That’s why,
you really have to be committed
to the food that your body is built on.

『Please eat good food』

In the past, it’s what my parents always said but,
I only gained understanding on these words
after the age of 30.



It’s a different meaning from just【delicious food】and
【food that is delicious to your body】.
If you live life truly committed to food,
the joy of your life will change.

What do I mean?

Because a meal is something we have daily,
to be touched by a meal,
becomes you being moved everyday.
In other words,
it is something that is made to touch your life.

Are you impressed by your daily meal?

If that is not the case
you have to review your lifestyle fundamentally,
and change soon.
Isn’t that tied to
becoming successful at
the real meaning to life.


Everyday, the excitement continues.
There’s nothing that can be happier than this.

That’s why,
the desire of【wanting to impress people】
naturally wells up.
I sincerely feel happy
that by continuing my work
I impress and move people.

Because people can be given things,
I can release that as an energy.



Some days ago,
I visited GemCEREY’s Nakano-san,
and we went for French food with Takumi.

I don’t really like French cuisine.

Because French is typically a visual meal,
and just beautiful displays.
French cuisine that isn’t accompanied by taste,
I’m honestly sick of it.

『GACKT, this place is delicious, let’s go here』

Because of Nakano-san’s unexpected words
for the first time in awhile
I set foot in a French restaurant.



Beginning with the conclusion,
being in a French restaurant for the first time after so long,
I wasn’t expecting to be this impressed.
Commitment is found everywhere and
I was allowed to admire the delicate seasoning.


In France,
he’s the youngest Asian chef
to have been awarded a star.
A chef who holds a Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France,
and is a well-known international chef…

The layout of his shop is very interesting.
It’s by no means big but
it has a strong concept
with individual rooms.



The room I liked
is a novel room,
that is quite special as it is in the kitchen.
It’s the first time I saw such a unique room.

I believe that very few places
can let you watch the French cuisine chefs at work
up close and in detail.

While eating, you get to watch the chef deftly moving his hands around
and manipulating the food in detail.



This is,
like the bustle behind-the scenes for us,
similar to showing us
the scene of the battle field while
we enjoy the elegant world,
normally it’s a world that we are never exposed to.

It’s like you will wonder whether you will feel a strange tension
while observing the chef at work.

Without being bothered by our gazes,
the chefs worked in silence.

On this day, we opened a bottle of ’96 Nuits-Saint-Georges.
It’s a well-preserved wine.



The food was delivered one after another.
The dishes were of course beautiful but,
I have to take my hat off to the assembly of delicate flavours.

While the manager spoke indifferently about the dedication of chef Matsushima

『I see・・・ I see・・・』

was all I could say while listening.
I guess this manager too
is one of the people who came to love chef Matsushima.
He has put in intense research into the actual chef,



About the chef,

big brother Nakano too is someone along the same lines,
if you ask me, I would say he is in the category of crazy people.
Of course, I’m praising him.

When I showed the way the stones were set
in my newly completed Jacobs watch,
while I kept talking about the stones,

『I see… I see…』

he said,
and while being impressed he used that as an idea for his next work.
This is,
a characteristic of someone who creates.



After being stimulated in different areas he gets hints,
and continues to convert them into his own works.

That’s why,
creating is fun.
While getting stimulated,
you can stimulate someone else following that.

big brother Nakano who didn’t drink a drop of alcohol
has become someone who only drinks red wine.

『Not understanding the flavours of wine
is as good as throwing away more than half of your life』

With my words
the highly curious Nakano-san
started his study of wine.

Even now he’s not exactly strong in that but,
he’s enjoying wine a great deal.



Even Takumi who isn’t good with seafood
kept saying it’s delicious
while enjoying the meal.

It’s a mysterious thing.

It’s something I’ve realised with age but
there are many parents who force their children
to eat foods that they don’t like.

With regards to my older sister’s children’s food preferences
I initially wondered what I should do but,
I wondered
isn’t it about time that it doesn’t matter?



Children are more sensitive to taste than adults.
That’s why,
if you force them to eat adult food

『Eat without leaving leftovers!!!』

saying that, the more you force them to eat,
it means that they start to hate it,
and it is only natural that it happens.

That’s why,
when I hear about food that my older sister’s children hate,
I find restaurants that make those foods really delicious.

without saying anything I bring them there to eat.
To eat food that has the things they hate in it.
While watching the kids eat and say it’s delicious,
after we finish eating,
I reveal to them that their hated foods
were actually abundantly used in those foods.



After doing that,
after the initial shock
they will want to try those foods again.
By doing that,
their sense of taste gets challenged.
To too, again,
is a new discovery for me.

In the past I hated coffee.
The apparent way the smell stays in your nose,
and especially the way the taste accumulates at the back of your tongue,
was indescribably uncomfortable.

However, in these 5 years
after my first meeting with really delicious coffee beans,
like finally climbing the staircase of being an adult,
I’ve been looking for delicious coffee.



The reason why I hated it is simple.
That is,
when I was young,
the coffee that is normally drunk daily
is those that have been oxidised,
and coffee is something that goes down in quality with oxidation.

That’s the reason.

Even now,
if I drink oxidised coffee I feel horrible.

There’s nothing that makes me feel worse than
adding milk or sugar to that oxidised coffee to hide it and drink it.

Anyway, coffee beans
start to oxidise the moment you grind them.
Not matter how good the coffee beans you buy are
once it oxidises it is extremely bad.
The reason why brewed coffee tastes bad
is because of oxidisation.



I wonder how many shops are there in Japan
that can offer delicious coffee that can be drunk as an espresso.
That is what being particular about something is.

At the end,
a closing coffee is produced.
again I was surprised by the deliciousness of the coffee.
Without much thought, I asked the manager.

『This, where are the beans from?』

Then, the manager answered with a smile.

『This is,
regular soluble coffee』




Everyone exclaimed『Eh〜〜!!』.
When I told him that I’m working with Nestle
with a smile, the manager answered

『We use the Milano2 here』


I’ve never heard of it…

When I asked to see it
I went into the kitchen.



It’s a machine I’ve never seen before but,
it indeed does have Milano2 written on it.

Nestle is really frightful to actually have something like this…

Nestle’s commitment is basically to be able to offer the ability
to prevent the oxidisation of the coffee,
and always brew a cup of coffee with a fragrance and flavour that can be enjoyed.

This technology can be enjoyed even in their machines for home-use.



This business-use machine further crystallises their tremendous commitment
and besides the pouring temperature,
they’ve even researched how to pour the milk into the coffee
to obtain the best tasting one…


Thou shalt fear… Nestle…
when I returned home I gave President Takaoka a call.

『Takaoka-san… the Milano2…
please give me one…』

My name is GACKT.
My motto is『Mr. COFFEE MAKER』

With this, at any time in my home
I can enjoy the same quality of coffee
as that of one-star French restaurant MATSUSHIMA’s…

Thou shalt fear, me.
Thou shalt fear, GACKT…

To you too
shall I have you drink this at my house?
It’s seriously dangerous.



My voice can be heard
on GACKT Blomaga so,
those who want to read it all, check out the Blomaga

※This article is an excerpt from the
“GACKT’s Trashy Stories” corner in the Blomaga.

【Delivered thrice a month】

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