It began today at the historic site of Kasuga Yamashiro, the 90th edition of the festival in honor of the great commander Uesugi Kenshin, renowned shinobi. The festival was opened by signs of fire, in the temple of Kasugayama there were the battles of Budeishiki and KenoMai, the protagonist, General Kenshin played by GACKT, arrived in the evening. He went to the sleeping hero’sgrave, then turning to the mayor of the city Hideyuki Murayama and his officials he exclaimed: “I will make sure that this festival go down in history.”


In the interview held at the Joetsu’s archaeological institute, GACKT spoke about his 7th consecutive appearance at the event together with Hideyuki the mayor and his officials: “General Kenshin is back, and I’m really determined to take his place again”. After he mentioned the concept of “right heart”, he did an appeal to the people: “It’s my duty to grow this festival more and more. To make sure that this festival won’t go unnoticed in the history of Japan and not forget, I need the commitment of everyone, so I would like more and more people participate in this event. “

During the training the day before the event, the horse slipped because of the rain, I was scared a lot but I breathed a sigh of relief, “it’s ok, fortunately there were no incidents and fortunately we were able to start training again ” and we could continue training exercises for the representation of the Battle of Kawanakashima on August 23th. As for Joetsu, he expresses his thoughts by saying: “This is my second home. I wish all the residents of the city can feel the heat it transmits, its beautiful nature, the classic style of the buildings”

Later, the large number of fans went to wait at the Rinsen’s temple. GACKT, just entered in the temple, shooks hands with the chief priest Motosachi Sasagawa. Just approached the tomb of General Kenshin, he put down the flowers, he also made a prayer for the high priest’s mother died at the age of 94 years in May of the 24th year heinsei (2009).

The advancement of the troops will leave by the Sanroku ‘s railway line on 23th at 15:00 o’clock, the battle of Kanagawashima will be held at the historic site of Kasuga Yamashiro at 18:00 o’clock.

Source: J-TIMES.JP


Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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