Press conference on GACKT Kenshin army “I wish this festival will stay in Japan’s history for many more years”

August 22nd 2015 (Saturday) 19:51 – Two hours earlier

GACKT the musician, who will have the honor to play Uesugi Kenshin, samurai of the Sengoku period, on 22nd and 23rd august 2015 proceeding with his troups, He met Joetsu city’s mayor, Mr. Hideyuki Murayama in a press conference. Even if GACKT’s appearance committee said he wasn’t supposed to participate in this event, GACKT showed his interest saying: “I will play this role till this city will stand. I wish this festival could stay in Japan’s history for many more years”.

GACKT has already played general Kenshin in 2007, in the drama “FurinKazan” that can be translated with “The volcano’s bells”. GACKT performs as general Kenshin at the Kenshin festival starting right that year and this will be the 7th time in a row.

GACKT, added to mayor Hideyuki: “I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to do it but I’d want to do it for many other times before mounting back from that white horse forever. Furthermore, to be loved by Joetsu people, is another goal. From this year foreward I will do everything I can so that this festival can stay in the history of Japan for many more years. I wish that many other people could participate to the event in honor of general Kenshin”.

Mayor Hideyuki interviews GACKT.


Continuing the press conference he said : “I have the intention to let 30 thousands, maybe 40 thousands people to participate to the 91st edition so to create a great and majestic festival”. Furthermore he added: “The people that participated constantly at this edition in the last 6 years and all the new people that are getting closer to this event are only the principal of what this festival will be in the next years. We can already see the results of our work. The time has come for us to work even harder”,”I wish that they will let me continue with this event till the last edition. This will be my wish for the new year”

GACKT during the press conference


The army will move on August 23rd from 3pm from the Sanroku station. GACKT should appear after 4pm. The re-eactment of the Kawanakashima battle will start at 6pm and will be helt at the historical landmark of Kasuga Yamashiro.

More thank 20 thousands people have already participate in the Kenshin Festival after GACKT’s arrival.

Source: Joetsu Journal

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team