Good morning everyone

Yesterday, I finally got my hair done!!

For the first time in my life

shaven haircut!!


Even if I say that it’s not the close-cropped cut
The top is slightly longer
It’s a cool buzz cut


As expected, when I put on sunglasses
I’m scary

Before the scissors did their work it was this luxurious!!


As I was pressed for time for the program’s filiming
I couldn’t make it to the place I normally patronise
so I hurriedly looked for a nearby shop and rushed there


The clippers was set to 5mm
and in addition they used scissors to cut more so it was especially short
the hairstylist was also quite surprised
that I had so much hair so it wasn’t too see-through

to my friend GACKT

While talking about my next stage play 『Minami no Shima ni Yuki ga Furu』
which is about WWII
I sent him a picture via LINE that because I had the role of a soldier I
had to shave my head

「Ah isn’t that nice!
I’m almost bald too. I think I want to stick with the image of having short
hair from here on. 」
he said and he sent a picture too!!


It’s a really cool blond buzz cut!

As expected of a picture-perfect man!!

When I awoke this morning

I was shocked when I looked in the mirror thinking “Ah~ I’ve got no hair”!!

Of course

Last night
at the Mayo House

Mayo Plate


I made colourful Morioka Cold Noodles

It was actually delicious

Well, I look forward to everyone’s reactions at the 『Minami no Shima ni
Yuki ga Furu』 rehearsals!!

I’ve become one of the shaven head people!!

What do you guys think
Is my shaven haircut good or bad?

Source: Mayo Kawasaki Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team