[Camui Gakuen presents YOU senpai And Sato Senpai bus tour to go to the Kenshin Kousai] and [Camui Gakuen presents bus tour to the Kenshin Kousai with CHACHA-senpai & TAKUMI-senpai] second application period!

※ Fanclub members who made their membership until July the 15th will be the target
※ Please note that the DM shipping services are not available. Thanks for your understanding.

“while I was deciding for which one I had to choose the application acceptance ended…”
“I want to go but the application for the fanclub is too slow….”
Since we received such enquiry from so many students,,,
a second application period has been decided!!
Is this, the last chance to create precious summer memories?!
What kind of outdoors school event will it turn out to be!!
Which one of the tours will you choose to create precious summer memories?!!!
All the staff members are sooo looking foreward to be with you all!

The second application period will start from July the 28th (Tuesday)
Details will be revealed later on
Are you ready〜??

8/22 (Saturday), 23 (Sunday)

◆ Big party lunch with YOU senpai & Sato senpai, CHACHA senpai & TAKUMI senpai ♡
◆ In the evening talk event in the banquet hall
◆ Go to see the GACKT-Kenshin with YOU senpai & Sato senpai, CHACHA senpai & TAKUMI senpai
◆ Original goods selling
◆ Special gift to the participants
◆ purchase for GACKT-Kenshin original goods

Departure from Tokyo: 63.000 ¥
Arrival and departure from Nagoya: 65.000 ¥


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team