J-Times: ☆90th Kenshin Festival Paper Orders Begin!


※The picture is of previous issues. These cannot be sold.

On the coming August 22nd and 23rd will be the 90th Kenshin Festival!
The participation of GACKT-san, who made an appearance last year as well, has been confirmed. Without a doubt, this will be another big success!

Joetsu Times will be covering everything, from the announcement of GACKT’s participation to his passionate form during the event, and will be collecting news from the Kenshin Festival with all we can to thoroughly report on the local atmosphere!

As Joetsu Times will be sold at stations, convenience stores and over the counters at the Joetsu Times Co, by all means, do get your hands on a copy and have a look.

All newspapers are sold at 110 yen (including tax).


【Pre-orders start! 】

We have begun accepting orders for the published newspapers in 〔sets〕.

As the publishing and delivery dates have yet to be confirmed at present, we will be accepting orders for the papers related to the 90th Kenshin Fest in 【sets】
(Average 10 parts annually. Last year had 11 parts).

Every year, due to popularity, we aim to provide enough copies for all but, shortages are a possibility.
In the circumstance that we have a shortage, we will delivery only 1 set to those who have placed their orders.

To make sure that you manage to get the papers, it is recommended that you place your orders as early as possible.

Newspapers are sold at 110 yen each. Each set is estimated to be priced at 1,100 yen (110 yen x number of papers).
In addition, delivery charges will be added on as well.

【Reference】Last year’s delivery charges (including handling fees) can be viewed here ⇒ http://kie.nu/26ik
There may be changes to the rates.
This year’s delivery charges are expected to be confirmed around 24 July.

※Charges vary depending on location (can be folded or not).
For folded deliveries, only one set can be ordered.

There will be a payment sheet delivered with your papers. Please make payment at a post office near you in 2 weeks.


◆Kenshin Festival Sponsorship Association (Executive Committee)is considering the production of a pamphlet that will be sold at 500 yen each. Once the decision has been made, and if our company decides to sell it, we are considering selling it only to customers who have placed their orders for the papers (1 pamphlet per set ordered).

For interested parties, please write 【希望する (lit. I hope/wish) 】 in an e-mail or in your application form.

As this is on a first-come-first-served basis, there is the probability of it selling out. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions about the pamphlet, please direct them to Joetsu Times.


As we will only deliver the papers after we collate everything, expected delivery date is in mid September.

Thank you for your patience.

※Please be careful to not place a double order※


★☆★Please place your orders via this Order Form★☆★


When you order via the form, an automated confirmation email will be sent to you.

If there are clarifications to be made, please make them via email or on the phone.

※※Please take note※※
Before placing your order, please allow the receipt of emails from 「 times-hb@joetsu.ne.jp 」to your inbox.

★If there are requests that cannot be specified in the above form, please email us via the company email (times-hb@joetsu.ne.jp). For more details, please refer to the bottom of the page.

Additionally, orders can be placed over the phone.

TEL: 025-525-6666

〔Operating hours〕Mon ~ Sat 9:00~17:30 (rest days are Sundays and Public holidays.)

※We will require the below ①~⑦.

Thank you for your support.


※In case the order form cannot be used, please order by providing us the following information via email.


※※Please take note※※
Before placing your order, please allow the receipt of emails from 「 times-hb@joetsu.ne.jp 」to your inbox.

①Postal code
④Telephone number
⑤Number of sets you intend to order
※1 set contains about 10 papers. (Last year’s contains 11.)
As there is a chance that we may run out of stock,
we will only deliver sets per order. Based on this,
please fill in your number of sets.
⑥If the Kenshin Festival pamphlet goes ahead (priced around 500 yen),
do you want to order it together?
※ 1 set is limited to 1 pamphlet.
※It is not confirmed that this will occur.
⑦Whether we may fold the papers during delivery
※If we are allowed to fold them, delivery charges will be cheaper.
We cannot fold them for delivery if you ordered 2 sets or more.

Please take note for orders via email, please reply to the confirmation email to confirm your order.
Please do so within 2 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays).
If in the case where there is no reply, please contact us.

Source: J-Times

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team