GACKT will be having an appearance in the second part of Yomiuri TV’s NTV’s「DownTown DXDX Emergency 2 Hour Special」which will be broadcast on 16 July (Thu) from 21:00 onwards.

GACKT said「Beat-boxing practice is difficult but, when I turned it into swearing I quickly improved」and he shows off his “Swearing Beat-boxing”. GACKT started mocking Hamada by saying「Busaiku (ugly), Hamada, bouryoku (violent), busaiku (ugly)」to beat-box, and even rapper Abareru-kun mocked Hamada while rapping. Also, GACKT reveals for the first time on TV his home and studio overseas. Furthermore, GACKT challenges the Riakushon Gei no Odo「Atsu-atsu Oden (piping hot oden)」with a mystery on-air footage.


Date: July 16th 2015,
Time: 21:00~22:54


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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