So it’s already july…

For some reason although its July it’s raining…

I can’t see the milky way…
I guess that means I can’t meet Altair and Orihime…

For the whole of last week I was in Tokyo.

For the NicoLive appearance (it’s written about in detail in the next issue of OH!!MY!!GACKT!!)

Takeshi Nakano_01
scene of OH!!MY!!GACKT!! NicoLive On air

and GACKT’s birthday was on the 4th too.

After that, there’s was also my close friend, former Hanshin Tigers’ Hiyama Shinjiro’s birthday part, I was really busy…

My life has been turbulent but, I’ve been able to finish the shareholders’ meeting without incident, in the last period my employess have been united, and managed to achieve a complete revival.

Life has a variety of things to offer.

More than success, after troubled times, I believe that’s your life’s biggest chance to feel strongly about wanting to turn your life around.

When you say “I want to turn my life around” most people will say that it’s definitely impossible but thats not a definite thing.

If you can just brighten up your emotions, regardless of age or body strength, you will be able to supplement it.

By holding on and riding through difficulties, bit by bit your circumstances will get better.

Takeshi Nakano_02
Happy birthday Hiyama Shinjiro!!

Such an, important experience lasted me 7 years…

People often use the word “respectibility”.

Somehow the first time you say it, you’ll take notice of the eyes of the world.

Not that they want to be negative or say things like “that’s wrong”.

It means to have opinions that, to the people around you, won’t make you unlikable to your best abilities.

If you only want the people around you to tell you “yes”, you’ll somehow lose your real self.

If you try to make sure everyone around you is pleasant to you, you’ll end up being bad to yourself.

I believe to value your own self is the right thing.

Why? Because that’s what I figured out myself.

To listen to others. That’s an important stance but, doing that too much would be bad.

That too, is Nakano Takeshi, living life as Nakano Takeshi.

Takeshi Nakano_03
GACKT’s birthday on 4 July

Recently, I was thinking that my life isn’t something to throw away…

To be able to think that means that I have become able to think like that.

From a time when I had nothing, or rather because I started from a time when everything was negative, I am able to understand the joy of the postives coming together…

Because I was crawling at the bottom, I was able to understand myself the importance of trust.

Now… let’s ReBoot!

well, see you~

I’m in the midst of writing the Nakano Takeshi Corner of OH!!MY!!GACKT!!

Source: Takeshi Nakano Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team