Broadcasting today!
To celebrate the 100th issue of GACKT’s blomaga [OH!! MY!! GACKT!!!] which was published a few days ago,
there will be over 4 hours of live broadcasts on NicoNico Video!
Together with this, on GACKT’s official LINE, we will be conducting [Everyone’s chosen Best of Blomaga Movie]!
From the popular Blomaga series “GACKT Neta Michaku 24 Ji”
we will be revealing the top 10 videos!
Once again, we will receive the chosen Best of Blomaga Movie that everyone picked,
and we will announce the results in today’s NicoNico Video!

We await your votes!

《Program details》
NicoNico Video Presents 『Celebrating the commemoration of the 100th Blomaga! OH! MY!! GACKT!!! Live!!!!』

To commemorate GACKT’s Blomaga reaching the 100th issue in,
we will be having a special live broadcast where were look back at the GACKT’s blomaga since in started in 2012!
The back stories to the write-ups we have delivered so far and what may conspire from here on might come flying out!!

July 1 2015 (Wed) Accessible from :18:50 / Broadcast starts : 19:00
19:00-20:00 PV special feature
20:00-23:00 Main part

Editor: GACKT
Assistant editor: TAKUMI
Supporter: Mai
VARTIX President & CEO: Nakano Takeshi

《Program URL》

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team