Sale of GACKTRACKS -ULTRA DJ ReMIX- Release Party Official Goods Starts!
Previously, the full list of performing members for the 3 July Release Party was released!
Via mail-order, we are taking pre-orders for the goods that will be sold on that day~
The goods will be delivered before the event but,
for those who cannot make it to the PARTY no matter what, along with the goods,
how about reproducing your own release party with your friends while listening to the album?!

There are cool items included, which are in a slightly different taste that the usual GACKT items ^^
Even those who are considering about buying on the actual day, by all means do have a look!

For the release party as well, it is now in the process of general sales!
By all means, let’s enjoy a party with GACKT!

【『GACKTRACKS -ULTRA DJ ReMIX- Release Party』 Official Goods Sales Site URL】

【『GACKTRACKS -ULTRA DJ ReMIX- Release Party』Ticket Sales Site URL】


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team