The new transmission 「BIG 100 million yen」! GACKT explains the techniques of clean toilet for 10 million yen!
Hidetoshi Nishijima (44 years old)will appear as an actor to promote the sports lottery 「BIG 100 million yen」 in new CM transmission 「Entrance to the world of the rich」. The singer GACKT (41 years old) appeared as a new character and soon it became a news.

GACKT, the new CM program disguised as a rich man, met his acquaintance Nishijima explaining all the secrets to getting rich like him and the world that concernig money. Nishijima is invited in the private GACKT’s garage. Seeing the high-class cars and the helicopter he begin to murmur「You like monewy so much uh」.GACKT reply「It’s me who likes to money」. Behind the question of Nishijima on how to do to please to the money, GACKT replied unexpectedly saying 「Cleaning the toilet! It makes you very lucky! 」!
With a large amount of toilet brushes on the seat, GACKT leaves Nishijima amazed and flies away with his helicopter. Make a polished bathroom with toilet brush is definitely a strong decision to make alone. Later, they have come to discuss this matter again during the broadcast at the entrance of an upscale restaurant.
The CM’s characters 「BIG」 who plays in the luxury will be :
Matsushige Yutaka(52 years old), Masaki Suda(22 years old), the actress Fumi Nikaido(20 years old), Shinobu Terajima(42 years old), the master of laughter Tomochika(41 years old).

To participate in the lottery offered by 「BIG」 you just need to go to a Konbeen and buy a ticket for 300yen. In case of victory you could win 600 million! The winner will be chosen at random by the computer according to your predictions on 14 sports teams attendees.
Don’t forget that the magazine BIG number 775 is on sale, how to bring a coin from one million to 100 million yen. This special issue will be on sale until June 27th.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team