The web promotion 「Emopa」for the special function in SHARP’s smartphone,「AQUOS」 has started. Today, 4 June, the project announcement event was held in Tokyo, and the promotional characters, GACKT, Mrs. Dewi, Shoei, and Esupa Ito were present on stage.

「Emopa」 is an onboard function that uses messages that are aligned to the user’s feelings and interacts with the user by sound or images. The current campaign shows the actors having fun using 「Emopa」in short movies.

In the first half of the event, GACKT and Shoei took on the role of Mrs. Dewi’s Emopa, and showed off their improvisation skills. Mrs. Dewi’s request was「As I’m bad at waking up every morning, I would like to be gently woken up」. Following her request, GACKT softly said「The morning’s warm rays of sunshine has shone in, they match you very nicely」 and 「Good morning, you’re looking beautiful today as well. Please do wear that wonderful smile for the rest of your day」, and moved Mrs. Dewi. However, Shoei who came next passionately cried out 「It’s about time to wake up! If you don’t wake up soon you’ll be late! Wake up and let’s do sit-ups!」, and ended up upsetting Mrs. Dewi who said「Such a wake-up call is the worst!(laughs)」.


In the middle, Emopa Ito arrived wearing a 「Emopa」suit but, he who is bad at remembering his lines got rebuttal after rebuttal from Mrs. Dewi, who said「What are you mumbling about!」「Please speak up with more energy!」, while GACKT and Shoei say by with bitter smiles. While wrapping up the event, GACKT commented 「This series is still being continued, and there are still scenes to film but… … there is a pretty interesting end to it, so I hope that everyone looks forward to it」and promoted the project again.

「Emopa」’s short movies will be released from today, 4 June, on their site. At present, you may enjoy 3 films featuring GACKT and Shoei, who attended the event, and Hanazawa Kana.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team