The announcement event on 4 June (Thu) for smartphone AQUOS「Emopa movie Emodo 2nd Phase emopa life story」was held in Tokyo, and musician GACKT, perosnality Mrs. Dewi, Shoei, and Esupa Ito were in attendance.
“Emopa” is an onboard function that uses messages that are aligned to the user’s feelings and interacts with the user by sound or images. On this day, Mrs. Dewi had a pillow in hand, saying「You guys, please be my Emopa」, she requested an impromptu performance on stage by GACKT and Shoei.

With the task of waking up Mrs. Dewi, GACKT said「Mrs. Dewi, please wake up. The morning’s warm rays of sunshine has shone in. They match you very nicely. You’re looking beautiful today as well」and such, using swee~t voice in the challenge. The awakened Mrs. Dewi was in high spirits, saying「That was a really good wake-up call. Very gently and with a gentlemanly voice, he’s almost like a real Emopa」.

The next challenger was Shoei who prides himself on his muscles. With a different image he woke Mrs. Dewi with a brisk and lively voice, Mrs. Dewi in question said「What was that! Shoei mode is not suitable for me waking up in the morning. I didn’t want you to do that! There’s too much energy!」as she tossed her pillow in anger. On the other hand, in a smartphone suit, she said to Esupa who had clumsy comments「What’s with this person? Which part of this is funny? I can’t do well with such people」with a strict evaluation.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team